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She Knows How to Tease You

In Day Tripper by the Beatles the line “She’s
a Big Teaser” was code for “she’s a prick teaser.

Sexual Suggestiveness

From an evolutionary point of view, sexual teasing
evolved as an aid in securing a sexual partner or mate.

provoking sexual arousal or a sexual response.

Women are more likely than men to say:
‘I wanted to feel attractive and desirable.
I wanted to feel in control, powerful.’

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Is dressing sexily a provocation to men? When they then stare at
a woman’s assets and show interest, why do women get offended?
Some, in work environments, go to the extent of suing for sexual
harassment and insist choice of dress is irrelevant.

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If a woman says, “I am going to put on my sexy little number
and show some cleavage”, what she is really saying is “I’m
going to put on my sexy little number and show some cleavage.”

She might wear it for the sole purpose of turning male heads,
or she might be wearing it because she likes it, because
that’s the kind of style that looks good on her.

She’s comfortable in her skin and/or proud of her body,
because she spent the week hanging out in cargo pants
and hiking boots and wants to feel sensual and womanly.

Or, she’s going out with fashionista girlfriends and wants
to fit in, because she’s going to a hot nightclub that only
lets in the sexy people, because her style icons are Brigitte
Bardot and Sophia Loren or the pop star or some other It girl.

Women get judged and criticized no matter how they look
and what they do and what they wear so she just decided
Fuck it, because she’s in an environment where she feels
safe enough or confident enough to be “provocative”.

Maybe she has faith that men are not
animals and won’t harass or assault her).

It’s probably not the fact that you’re looking at her, but *how*
you’re looking at her, that offends. Maybe your body language
conveys something that you don’t consciously intend.

The difference between desire and objectification: whether you
respect the fact that the person you look at can look back.

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Sexual suggestiveness is visual, verbal, written or behavioral
material or action with sexual undertones implying sexual intent
in order to provoke sexual arousal.

There are variations in the perception and display of sexual
suggestiveness, including but not limited to gender, culture
and generation. Different cultures and different generations
have varying views on what is considered to be sexually suggestive.

For example, in Western culture, it is normal for a woman to
wear shorts and bare her legs on a hot, sunny day, but a woman
with naked flesh on show would be considered promiscuous in
certain cultures around the world.


For the majority of the 20th century in western culture,
it was considered vulgar for women to have their sexual
ornaments (breasts) fully on show. In more modern times,
this may not be a deviation from the norm.

In evolutionary terms, sexual suggestiveness is a mode
from which sexual mates are gained. Therefore, the ability
to use sexual suggestiveness effectively is a trait that
has been sexually selected for.

From an evolutionary point of view, sexual suggestiveness
evolved as an aid in securing a sexual partner or mate.

Once the individual has decided on a mate to pursue, sexual
suggestiveness helps in attracting the mate.

This is a skill which has been sexually selected (sexual selection)
for during evolution. Sexually suggestive behaviors include things
such as “showing more skin” and flirting.

The Big Tease

Hot Women

Hot Women from Alex Boom on Vimeo

Such a Tease!

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