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Reason to Have Sex Tonight – Talk Dirty to Me

Two-Finger Tango

Any reason’s enough
to have sex tonight

Any night, in fact. Give life more meaning.

It’s, you know, fucking. One of only a couple ways
to have an orgasm, which is pretty great in itself.

For most people, this is pretty high on the list
of reasons to have sex. In some cases, it’s all
about the journey, but the orgasm is a pretty great
destination regardless of how you get there.

If I need to explain why an orgasm is great,
then go search teenage masturbation pleasure.

Talk Dirty To Me

To the point. Silent sex is boring sex.
Whether moaning or dirty talk, there has to be
some sort of noise to keep the atmosphere alive.

Not once have I ever had silent sex.
The thought alone makes me cringe.

wicked redhead

Talk Dirty

Fuck Me Like
a Dog. I’m your

I love holding your cock and feeling it get hard in my hands.
I want you to handcuff me and fuck me any way you’d like.
Do you like the fact that I think about you when I’m masturbating.
Tonight I want to watch you jerk yourself off.
I keep fantasizing about you forcing me to have sex

The Art of
Dirty Talk

You probably already know this but sometimes just saying
shit [merde] in French is enough to give a person a boner.

If you find your English somewhat deficient in its erotic
vocabulary, going back and forth from one language to the
other isn’t a bad idea.

Sometimes simply repeating a forceful and melodious phrase
really helps bring a person to the place where they can
focus, relax and find orgasm.

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to
turn someone on with this type of repetition.

While a long and involved narrative may work,
sometimes a simple, “I want you to fuck me
really hard right now,” telling him to get
his cock out and stroke it and then repeating
a few choice ideas over and over is very enticing.

To combat looming silence during sex, I talk dirty.
Honestly, I’m loud in bed, kind of embarrassing
and inconvenient, but at least it’s never quiet.

That being said, I still find time in between moans
and other noises, to voice small, dirty phrases that
help liven the moment and keep things interesting.

I’ve found that when I’m with my partner and he starts
to talk dirty, it completely changes the setting of
our sexual escapades.

I’m instantly more turned on and the same can be said
for him when I reciprocate the talk. Not only does talking
dirty help physical attraction because you can hear your
partner’s voice and their tone, but it helps with each
other’s mental connection and compatibility.

[Music Video] Fucked My Way Up To The Top – Lana Del Rey from Bro dup on Vimeo.

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