What the Fuck

She’s My Hobby-Horse [I Love Riding Her]

hobby-horse: colloquialism for loose woman or strumpet.

Coming from Behind. Like a Red Rag to a Bull.

I Bet This Gets You Hard

Work your way up to orgasm

Resist the urge to throw everything
into the first few minutes of fun.

Working your way up to the pinnacle,
or experimenting with edging,
will pay off in the end.

Best Advice: Have him start out more gently.

Doggy style gives guys a lot of leverage,
so it’s easy for them to just start thrusting away.

Encouraging him to start with slow, shallow
thrusts and work up to deeper, more passionate
thrusts will let you work up to the more
intense part, as you would in any other position.

Girls Ride the Sybian

The Sybian is a masturbation device
primarily designed for use by women.

It has a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor,
gearbox speed reducer, and mechanism connected to a rod
that protrudes from a hole in the top center.

Various attachments can be added to the rod, which vibrates,
rotates and may also stimulate the clitoris externally.

Girls Ride The Sybian

Ride the Girl

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