Going Down Orifice


Sex Mix: Congress of a Crow. Lesbian Passion
Visual: Fucking in Different Positions.
Women say no to the missionary

Mutual simultaneous oral
genital stimulation is
referred to in English
under the euphemistic
French numerical form,

The ancient Chinese Yin
and Yang (female & male)
symbol is identical.

The Kama Sutra gives this sex
position a different name.

“When a man and woman
lie down in an inverted
order with the head of
the one towards the feet
of the other and perform
mouth congress, it is
called the ‘congress of a crow’.”


Lesbian Passion

Sappho lived around 600 BC and came from Lesbos,
a Greek island near the east coast of Turkey.

She’s the only known female poet from classical Greece
whose poetry survives. This uniqueness however hasn’t
isolated her. She was greatly respected throughout antiquity
and remains one of the most popular Greek poets today.

Sappho probably taught at the sort of school
where girls were sent to prepare for marriage.

Most of what remains by her is addressed
to women, perhaps they were once her pupils.

What’s most striking about Sappho is her homoerotic passion.
‘Homo’ comes from the greek homos. It means ‘the same’.
So lesbians are homosexual as well as gays.
It also derives from the Latin homo, meaning ‘man’
‘Homo sapiens, mankind.

If you haven’t spotted it already, the modern term
‘lesbian’ comes from Sappho and her home on Lesbos.

Object of Desire

Do Men Want Women to Initiate Sex?

Men want to feel desired — they want
to feel wanted by their female partner.

It’s surprising because it goes
against conventional wisdom.

We’re so used to seeing women’s bodies
being the object of desire. But most men
think it’s important to feel that those
rules were reversed at times.

He wants her to give him a compliment,
flirt, seduce or initiate sex.

Many men don’t feel their female partner
realises this. Initiating sexual activity
the clearest way they feel desired.

Look at the many ways men desire women.

Today’s Women Won’t Take it
in the Missionary Position

When was the last time your fuck of the night bit
your ear and whispered, “How do you want it?”
and you responded, “Baby, give it to me in missionary.
I really want to just lie here and take it like a
little bitch, you bad boy.”

Let’s face it, it’s convenient, simple and it gives
at least 50 percent of the hookups the option of getting
in a quick nap. But, there really isn’t anything
very exciting about the old mish posish.

As Victorian women were told: “lie back and think of God”.

Let’s start with some simple maneuvers born
out of the original lame sex culprit itself.

So you know when a rabid monkey jumps on your
face and wraps its tiny little man-legs around
your head? Yeah girls, you know what I’m talking
about, wrap your legs around his body like an
orang-utan on heat. Oh, and here’s a novel idea, push back.

What kills me the most about missionary is that the
chick often just lies there like a beached fish.

He might as well be fucking a corpse which, nasty as it is
can by kinky for some. So make like an upside-down,
super-malleable pepper grinder and work him back.

I really think most people stick to the basics because
they’re intimidated by crazy shit like headstands and
busting your nut from across the room while your
girlfriend’s humping some phallic vegetable with a sock in her mouth.

I don’t know about you, but in school I am definitely
not just trying to pass with the bare minimum, and it’s
no different when I’m in bed — A+ or nothing.

Unless you’re warming up your mojo or trying
to get by with Sex for Dummies, I’ll have to
give missionary a low C.

She Wants to Be on Top

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