Sexual Arousal

Slow Sex: Don’t Come & Go in a Heated Rush

Foreplay is an essential part of fucking
for a woman. The more she enjoys herself,
the better sex becomes for you.

Not only will she be more responsive and
enthusiastic, she’ll likely want more of it.

I want a man with a slow hand
I want a lover with an easy touch
I want somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush

Women thing jackhammer sex is worse than no sex at all.
Many men see getting their partner (and themselves)
to orgasm as the ultimate goal.

But slow sex focuses on the art of sensual touch.
It’s much more pleasing to the female form and
it makes her orgasms better.

Men don’t have to hold back for hours to please
a woman. All you need do is extend the session
by being better with your hands and avoid the
desire to recreate those POV porn scenes you watch.

Slow hot sex offered by

Slower Sex Please

Tantric sex is slower and more sensual than ‘ordinary sex’. Rather than being focused on orgasms, it encourages you to be meditative and aware during the sexual experience.

But the most exciting thing is that Tantra promises longer, full-body orgasms that will make sex mind-blowing!

So, boys and girls, to get you started here are some ideas for tantalising Tantric sex:

1. Let your partner enter you in the missionary position and stay there without thrusting for at least 15 minutes. This will give you both the chance to get in tune with each others’ bodies and will make the sex more intense when he finally starts…

2. Prepare your room for an evening of passionate sex! Prepare a playlist of relaxing music, cover bright lights and light some candles. This will add intimacy and should encourage you both to be more romantic.

3. Take it in turns to be blindfolded during sex. By removing the sense of sight, you’re more open to physical sensations like the touch of his hands, his breath and the feeling of his weight on top of you.

4. Add a Tantric massage to your foreplay using soft light strokes. The gentler your touch the more erotic it feels and goose-bumps are a good sign!

5. Teach him to give you a ‘Yoni massage’. This Tantric technique involves your partner stroking and stimulating your vagina without any contact with the clitoris or G-Spot.

This gives you the chance to experience new sensations before he enters you. Slow, gentle strokes that build in intensity are the most effective.

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