Smack That Butt!

When humans evolved from lower primates [monkeys and apes]
and became fully upright the breasts in females expanded
in size, mimicking the buttocks of other mammals.

Some Say Butt

A fit posterior not only looks good
but it also assists in many of the
movements you make throughout the day.
Such as standing, bending, walking upstairs.

Getting in some butt exercises while you’re
stuck in a seat at work, commuting or
just watching TV may hold a lot of appeal.

A slim waist suggests a woman is young and fertile,
while more generous hips and bottom hints she is
more likely to be able to give birth easily.

It’s not a just a full bottom that’s attractive.
How it looks in proportion to your waist is important too.


Anthropologists believe a strong curvy spine would
have made it easier for pregnant women to walk and
look for food in hunter-gatherer societies.

This trait would have also allowed them to give birth
more easily, walk with a child on their hips to
forage for food and raise stronger offspring.


The evolution of human consciousness is directly related
to the evolution of human female sexuality and full time
sexual availability signaled by the evolution of a permanent
enlargement of the female breasts and buttocks.

Both mimic the signs of estrus [being on heat] in other primates.

When females became fully upright the breasts
expanded in size, mimicking the patterns of the buttocks.

This was a signal to both males and females of her sexual
availability when walking on two legs and standing upright.

Bum’s the Word

The rise in bum appreciation is probably why
doggy style is the UK’s favourite sex position.

It could also explain why more
couples enjoy spanking sessions.

Jennifer Lopez first brought the bum back
in the early 2000’s before Kim Kardashian
cemented its significance in pop culture
over the past decade.

Not forgetting the growing trend of booty-centric
beatification in the realm of cosmetic enhancements.

This is partly due to pop culture phenomena like
the hard-to-miss Nicki Minaj butt and the ever-growing,
unwieldy obsession with big-booty “twerking”.




Erotic Quartet from Arsenic Video on Vimeo.

Ravish Me!

What a woman wants is more aggressive sex.
From being tied up and spanked to having her
hair pulled and being mildly asphyxiated.

I’m not saying you should go home and smack your bitch
up. Maybe a bit of rough round the edges is in order.

The joy of sexual fantasy. Most aren’t realized. But as one woman
put it: “I’m tired of being that precious woman in the bedroom, of
making love and doing things gently all the time.”

“I want him to have raunchy sex with me and talk as if we’d just
met and he cares nothing about what I feel or need. I want him to
ravish me like an animal and tell me to shut my mouth when I try
to say something. I’m the slut. He’s a fucking bastard.”


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