Smoking Leisure Fashion Fetish

My man has a smoking fetish. I’m a smoker and
completely okay and enjoy smoking for him.

We have a very active sex life. However I’m not sure
if my smoking for him is enough. I’ve found out that
He’s getting off on fetish sites when I’m not around.

The getting off part doesn’t bother me but it does
bother me that he needs to fulfil his fantasy with
other women when I am right here. I have expressed
my feelings to him on this issue but it hasn’t changed anything.

If two adults are consenting and willing to engage
in mutually interesting and exciting sexual practices
within the privacy of their own home and without
causing physical or mental harm to themselves or
others they can engage in those sexual practices.

The glamorous aspect of women’s smoking traditionally
has had wide appeal, among the general population as
well as among those who find it sexually arousing.

This appeal has always been emphasised in cigarette
advertising, and undoubtedly one reason young women
have been drawn to smoking cigarettes.

Best Fetish from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

Historically considered a masculine habit, the
feminization of smoking with the advent of
fashion brands specifically marketed towards
women has drawn the attention of fetishists
who see the use of these brands as a way for women
to increase or enhance their sexual appeal.

Stockings Fetish from Dave Naz on Vimeo.

Many smoking videos show a woman or aman in bondage, being
forced to smoke or to inhale smoke. “Glamor” smoking and
“dark side” smoking are the major divisions within the fetish.

The glamor aspect of the fetish emphasizes the way
smoking visually enhances women’s sexual appeal.

The dark side links smoking to female domination,
bondage and domination, and sadism/masochism.

Both elements may be related to the appeal of the
“bad girl” and the fantasy that even the “girl next door”
type who smokes may be a tigress in the bedroom.

Fashion Fetish from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

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