Spanking for Pleasure

Spanking involves the use of the palm of the
hand against flesh, usually the well-padded
flesh of the buttocks. It can sting but rarely
cause serious pain or harm.

The sensation can give rise to an adrenaline surge
that can heighten emotion and sensation.

The additional blood flow to the surface of
the skin that results from a playful slap makes
all of the nerve receptors in the skin more
sensitive, enhancing the sensation of a caress.

spank me

Spanking is a part of my psyche,
an essential element of my sexuality.

It’s not like slavering over cheerleaders, or
fantasizing about sex on the beach at sunset.

When I was a kid I used to look up the word
“spanking” in the dictionary. I got a visceral
thrill when I saw a spanking scene on
“Little House on the Prairie” or “I Love Lucy.”

I didn’t choose to be kinky in this way, any more
than a man or woman chooses to be straight or gay.

The way I saw it, homosexuals had their closet
and I had mine. Only mine was a lot smaller,
and I was the only one in it.

I never told any of my girlfriends
about my fetish, although I often made
clumsy attempts to engage in spanking play.

If they let me, I landed a few gentle slaps
to the bottom until I got a curled lip and,
“That’s just weird. You don’t really want
to hurt me, do you?”

My last girlfriend told me it was sick and
should see a psychotherapist who would
probably label me as a sexual sadist.

I finally found the solution online. This escort
agency gives you a taste of permissiveness.

Our Escort Girls love to be submissive once in
a while and receive a spanking from their clients.
If you fancy giving one of them a good spanking
this is the service to book.

Hard corporal punishment.

It can feel very kinky to give a spanking
and take the lead role in the bedroom.

You might have given sexual partners a spanking
before but felt unfulfilled or wanted to do more,
well this is your chance to give more spanking
to a stunning girl.

It turns out that spanking is a popular sport
in the BDSM community. The escorts see me as a
client and hobbyist. There’s nothing ‘sick’ about it.

a Woman’s Bare

I love spanking women’s bare buttocks for as long as
I can remember. I’m not a sadist, or even sure it’s
about feeling dominant. It simply gives me pleasure.

I think what motivates me is the experience of doing
something to another adult that might be prohibited.
Then there is the basic enjoyment of the act itself

Seeing, touching, enjoying a woman’s bare bottom.
turning her buttocks with the flat of my hand.

Is it a sexual release? It can sometimes lead to sex.
But I’m not sexually attracted to all the women I spank.

The Naughty Ones

Critics of bondage, submission and the S&M culture believe participants are abusive, desensitized and sick. Not so. There’s no sign people who enjoy masochism are mentally ill at an elevated rate.

Only 1 percent of the population engages regularly in S&M but that many of us fantasize it. Overall, more men follow through with their fantasies than women.

People who follow through with pain play are repeating early sexual imprints. Either they were humiliated or they felt arousal or shame during a punishment and they want to relive the victim/perpetrator roles.

Others disagree. They don’t think it’s a pathological response because lots of people who like S&M didn’t grow up with abuse or corporal punishment.

You can’t even guess correctly who’s a masochist or a sadist when people get together in street clothes because personalities rarely match the stereotypes.

S&M in a controlled environment or in the privacy of your own bedroom is minor compared to the rampant self-abuse in our society.

People put themselves at risk all the time doing drugs, flying airplanes, binging on alcohol and food, there’s nothing wrong with having fun with sex.

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