Stunning View of Mount Vulva

The underrated erogenous zone is the
fleshy part of the vagina above the
labia, also known as the pubic mound.

Most men skip over it during foreplay.

Fanny Hill is a racy novel about
‘a woman of pleasure’. It was first
published in 1748 and has gone on to be
a centuries-long underground bestseller,

“Fanny Hill” is an anglicisation of the
Latin mons veneris, mound of Venus.

Venus was the goddess of love in the
ancient world. The Romans raised monuments
to her on raised areas of land in order to
emulate the pubic area of the female,
thus the “mound of Venus.”

Let’s offer praise to this gateway of
pleasure and life. You might be amazed
what could begin to open when the Mound
of Venus is given love and adoration.

Debunking the myth that the key to a woman’s
pleasure lies in the clitoris and G-spot, the
mons pubis is the place you should be focused on.

Most men skip over it during foreplay. It’s a plump,
rounded pad of fatty tissue that sits just above
a woman’s labia, or ‘lips’. It’s the triangular bit
where most of her pubic hair grows.

The mons pubis serves several functions. it covers
the pubic bone and acts like a tiny bouncy cushion
which helps to protect the bone beneath from being
uncomfortably bumped and knocked during intercourse.
It’s literally ‘a cushion for the pushing’.

The mons is also home to lots of sebaceous and
sweat glands, which produce sebum and perspiration
containing pheromones: special chemicals designed
to smell attractive to partners and provoke arousal.

Finally, it contains a whole host of nerve endings too,
which mean it can feel gloriously gorgeous when
stimulated as part of sex and foreplay.

Yet sadly, this little pube-covered pillow all too
often gets completely ignored between the sheets.

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