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Seduction: Key to Good Sex

Try a Little
Sexual Subtlety

Some ‘righteous’ people see wooing
[seducing] in a negative light: to impress someone.

Wooing is more about winning someone over
or attracting them,not as underhanded as
some people make it seem.

Wooing is simply attracting a woman’s attention.
If she isn’t attracted to you, wooing her
isn’t going to win her over.

Negative: Wooing is an outdated, manipulative take
on interactions between men and women and doesn’t
build authentic relationships.

Instead, it revolves around a man using techniques
such as money, possessions, status to try to impress
a woman and has nothing to do what’s actually inside him.

Many women buy into the wooing story because it’s all they know, or they’ve been told by their parents, society, etc that this is the way a man shows he’s interested in them – but sadly it’s superficial and doesn’t promote anything honest or authentic.

A man needs to show up as himself – going after what he wants in life and having a life of passion – with things he believes in – and if he wants a woman or women in that life that is great, but she needs to be a great addition to his life and not the center of it.

Men are endlessly berated on tv sitcoms and in movies as being flummoxed idiots who have to woo over the cultured, civilized female. What a bunch of bullshit. This storyline has crippled many men I’ve known into thinking they’re failures because they don’t know how to impress a woman with material things or show her how amazing he is.

Men: be who you are, don’t buy into the paradigm you need to impress anyone. Do things with women you would do anyway, and keep it simple: go to the beach, go for walks, hang out for tea, whatever. Just be simple about it and be yourself – don’t try to win anybody over or you’ll find yourself constantly trying to prove yourself in your relationships. This is a dead-end road and does not have a “Hollywood ending” to it.

Two things are extremely important to many romantic women, and both have to do with paying attention to her.

The first is ‘attentive/active listening’, which means that you don’t just hear what she’s saying, but try to find out what she means by what she says, mostly by asking her to elaborate and repeating back correctly what she’s telling you to show that you’re listening to her.

The second is telling her how much you love her by not telling her how much you love her. I know that sounds confusing, but most men either never tell a woman that they love her, or they love-bomb them by telling them how much they love her several times a day. The first makes them insecure, the second makes the statement ordinary and sometimes even empty.

  • Sirens have an abundance of sexual energy and know how to use it.
  • They lure in their targets, like the sirens of Odysseus, through their image and teases. Crafting the perfect seductive pose for their target.
  • Rakes insatiably adore the opposite sex, and their desire is infectious.
  • Unlike the normal, cautious male, the Rake is delightfully unrestrained, a slave to his love of women. There is the added lure of his reputation: so many women have succumbed to him, there has to be a reason.
  • Remember: it is the form that matters, not the content. The less your targets focus on what you say, and the more on how it makes them feel, the more seductive your effect. Give your words a lofty, spiritual, literary flavor the better to insinuate desire in your unwitting victims.
  • To play the Rake, the most obvious requirement is the ability to let yourself go, to draw a woman into the kind of purely sensual moment in which past and future lose meaning. You must be able to abandon yourself to the moment.
  • If no obstacles face you, you must create them. Seduction requires obstacle.
  • Ideal Lovers have an aesthetic sensibility that they apply to romance.
  • Casanova was perhaps the most successful seducer in history; few women could resist him. His method was simple: on meeting a woman, he would study her, go along with her moods, find out what was missing in her life, and provide it. He made himself the Ideal Lover.
  • But appeal to their better selves, to a higher standard of beauty, and they will hardly notice that they have been seduced. Make them feel elevated, lofty, spiritual, and your power over them will be limitless.
  • French girls are not used to being
    as straightforward as their
    Anglo-Saxon counterparts.

    They don’t want you to be too insistent,
    otherwise you could be branded “clingy”
    or “overbearing”.

    As you let things evolve naturally, you will
    become one of the French charmers expert
    in the language of innuendoes and masters at
    understanding the unspoken.

    You will live in a state of uncertainty,
    getting the impression you are beating
    around the bush, so to speak, but this
    can have its amusements.

    So just make her laugh, and as the great
    philosopher Rihanna says: ‘make her feel
    like she’s the only girl in the world’.

    Seeking Sexual Pleasure

    I don’t know about you, but I was never taught
    about female pleasure in any of my health classes,
    so masturbation for me was a very mysterious
    thing when I first tried it.

    A Girl’s Self-Pleasure

    Masturbation is great not only for orgasms,
    but also it really allows you explore and
    learn what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t.

    It doesn’t have to result in an orgasm; it’s
    a good way to feel connected to your body.

    There aren’t any rules on how much you can or should
    masturbate, so you can do it as much as you want.

    Day Tripper

    seaside day desire

    The Beatles had some fun with the line, “She’s a big
    teaser,” which jokingly masked “she’s a prick teaser.”

    In context with the next line, “She took me half the way there,”
    it’s pretty clear what’s going on. The group managed to slip in
    subtle sexual innuendos in a few of their songs,

    Let Me Make You Sweat

    Jill Scott

    “Mmm, this morning my man exclusively introduced me/
    To some good extra lovin’/ He was lickin’ and suckin’
    on everything/ Just the way he should/ This morning’s
    extra lovin’ was good/ We laid there sweaty, sex funky,
    happy as we want to be/ Lovin’ exclusively, my man and me”

    Sweaty Female Bodies

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