Money Shot

Swallow This [The Money Shot]

The Money Shot

The phrase was first used generally in filmmaking.
The “money shot” was the scene costing the most
money to produce.

In general, a money shot is a provocative, sensational,
or memorable sequence in a film. Its success probably
depends on one or more money shots.

It’s also used as another name for a cum shot in porn films.
Referring to the ejaculation scene as a money shot has been
attributed to producers paying the male actors extra for it.

It’s hard to imagine a time when the ‘money shot’ or
‘cum shot’ wasn’t a signature of the porn industry.

The shot — where a male porn performer ejaculates,
usually on a partner, and the camera captures the
action in luxuriating detail — is the defining
aesthetic of contemporary porn, both gay and straight.

The question of why the money shot is so popular is one
of pure mechanics. It has to do with the real physiology
of orgasm and ejaculation.

The male orgasm is external, the female orgasm is internal
His ejaculation can easily be caught on film.

A Lot to Swallow

Donald Trump was lying on his bed wearing nothing
but a white undervest and stained white Y-fronts
watching a programme about sharks.

“Come and join me,” he said, patting the bed.
“I like your big breasts, bigly.”

At that stage, I had no thoughts about having sex
with him, but he asked nicely so I lay back and let him.

So you want to know about his cock?

Well, let me tell you it wasn’t quite the smallest
I had ever seen, though it sure wasn’t big.

But it was shaped like some kinda weird mushroom.
So there we were, Donald lying on top of me for all
of 10 seconds before shouting, “You’re the bestly,
best” and coming noisily.

Possibly the reason why the money shot is so popular.
It’s an erotic illusion that combines two separate
sexual cues into a single experience.

Both male ejaculation and a vivid female reaction,
whatever that reaction may be. In other words,
the facial is a kind of pornographic emoticon.


What is so often overlooked about facials in male-targeted
pornography is the variety of women’s expressions.

Yes, you’ll find women reacting submissively.
But you’ll also find delight, fear, surprise,
anger, girlish giggles, and aggressive demands.


The Money Shot

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