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Why does the average girl expect her guy to show how her body works sexually when in fact he usually has no clue? If he’s “learning” from porn in absentia of the real deal, he’s already horribly misinformed.

All of which leads me to my list of eight good reasons why teenage girls should learn to masturbate:

1. If you learn how to coax, toggle and jiggle your clitoris and surrounding glorious bits to an orgasm by yourself first, you will be that much wiser when it comes to gently guiding your (potentially clueless) lover to please you.

2. Sex is healthy. It boosts the body’s immunity, reducing colds and infections, and lowers your risk of depression. Because orgasms have a healthy effect on the heart and immune system, they may increase longevity.

3. The more you have sex, the more your body will want it, because sex stimulates testosterone. Learning how to have wonderful (and multiple!) orgasms while masturbating and getting in touch with your sexual self builds desire for sex, which is important in intimate relationships.

4. Women who’ve learnt how to arouse and pleasure themselves don’t expect their lover to excite them and take them to a climax, which takes the pressure off their partner. Sexually assertive women are a turn on for most guys.

5. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of an exquisite orgasm, you’ll know the intense pleasure your body is capable of and you’ll crave more.

In a relationship, you won’t accept boring, orgasm-less sex with your lover. You can poke, tease and teach, if you need to. And most likely you will.

6. Women who aren’t shy to self-pleasure are more likely to be sexually adventurous with their partner and to keep their sex lives exciting because they’ve tasted how good it should be. And want to keep it there. A great sex life is an important part of a good relationship – while bad sex is just plain bad news.

7. Orgasms are fun – and masturbation-fuelled orgasms won’t lead to pregnancy (unless you’re into mutual masturbation and his seed spills a bit too close for comfort) or sexually-transmitted diseases (ditto). Oral sex givers can also collect some nasty STDs. In contrast, masturbation is good, clean fun.

8. And finally, orgasms relieve menstrual cramps. The cramps are the result of muscle contractions around the uterus and intestines, which can be eased by orgasms.

What’s more, women often feel a spike in desire at this time of their menstrual cycle, so a bit of manual release is an all-round win-win situation.

The Hipster

How do teenage girls
control their sexual desire?

If you feel so horny that you’re inclined to take
foolish risks, have sex without protection as a
result of your heightened desires, then controlling
those impulses might be a good idea, or at least
their redirection in a less risky way.

You don’t mention if you’re sexually active or just
horny all the time in spite of never having had sex.

Either way, there’s absolutely nothing harmful
about masturbation. Horny teens of either gender
often engage in self-relief quite often during

Unless it’s so frequent that it causes inflammation
in the genital area, regular orgasms can only
release brain chemicals (endorphins and other
pleasure related substances) which can satisfy
sexual desires. Or at least make them go away
for as long as it takes to finish your homework.

If you’re not active sexually and wish to preserve
your hymen, then of course don’t masturbate by
inserting anything into your vagina.

If that’s not the case, either because it’s gone
through sex or non-existent, (some girls have such
flimsy ones that first penetrations are similar
to later ones) then make sure you use a dildo made
of silicon, not latex, or put a condom over the
object you want to use as a dildo.

do it girl

I don’t remember a day in which I only masturbated
once from the age of 14 until my mid to late twenties,
so if the hormonal impulse is there, enjoy it.

Over time you’ll almost surely find a balance between
self pleasure and joined pleasure with a willing partner.

The Money Shot.
A Bigger Splash.

How about This for Naughty?

The play Intimacy has jiggling genitalia,
graphic sex, and fluids flying everywhere.

But its author, director, and stars say there’s
seriousness lurking between the sheets.

The surprise really came [wrong word, perhaps]
with the almond milk. At the first preview
performance of the play, it shot forth from
actor Austen Cauldwell’s tumescent penis,
or what looked like his tumescent penis,
landing on some unfortunate audience member,
or diligent theatrical prompt, right at the front.

A tube of lubricant also flew into the stalls
as a duvet was swiftly scooped up.

The play was so sodden with sex and nudity,
and talk about sex and desire and pornography,
the audience left dazed.

Was it really just almond milk, I wanted to know
afterwards? When was a penis prosthetic used as
opposed to the real thing?

Cocks and crevices kept appearing on
TV screens. Whose were they? The director
said these were “stage secrets” he wanted
to keep. However, he revealed there
“might” be sugar in the ejaculatory mix,
“for the right consistency.”

Cum Shot Climax

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