The Cult of Charles Manson

Pop culture still can’t get
enough of Charles Manson.

Quentin Tarantino’s film revisited
Los Angeles at the end of the 1960s.

The great enigma that has inspired
half a century of unrelenting fascination
with the Manson murders.

How honor students, choir girls, junior college dropouts
and homecoming queens lost themselves so catastrophically
to the spell of a slightly-built, uneducated ex-con.

The Manson ‘girls’ — many of them just two
or three years gone from family dinner tables
drove a chill deep into the nation’s psyche.
One that’s yet to lift.

People want bread and circuses.
They want sex scandals and shocking
violence, the more vicious the better
— even today, when such things seem
as common as a hamburger stand.


Charles Manson was released from California’s
Terminal Island prison in 1967, the ‘summer of love’.

He drifted to San Francisco, the epicenter
of America’s cultural revolution.

There he found docile flower children –
easy marks, even for an inept crook.

This Recaptures the Vibe of that Periord

He adopted the hirsute look of the tribe,
recycled some of the Scientology babble
he’d picked up in the joint and started
building a “family” of followers drunk on his flattery.

He preyed on lost and damaged young women
– wounded birds – and made them think they
were beautiful, as long as they followed him.

Erotic Dreams from Irina Semenova on Vimeo.

He brought his “family” of damaged goods to Los Angeles
and sent his women to find people who could help him become famous.

While hitchhiking one day, a couple of the girls found an
easy mark: the big-hearted, generous and sex-obsessed
drummer for the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson.

He picked them up, took them home for milk, cookies and sex,
then left for a recording session. When Dennis returned home
in the middle of the night, the girls were still there,
along with Charles Manson and 15 other young women,
all mostly nude.

For a sex junkie like Dennis, it was paradise. He bragged
about his nubile roommates to his rock star pals, and by
the end of 1968, Britain’s Record Mirror published
a profile titled “Dennis Wilson: I Live With 17 Girls.”

Manson achieved his desire to be famous.
He and some of his followers committed
one of most notorious crimes of the 20th century

At Manson’s command, a small group of his most ardent
disciples brutally murdered five people at the Benedict
Canyon home of film director Roman Polanski,near Hollywood,
including Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate.

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