Sexual Titillation Sexy Girls

Teenage Rate Race

Teen Girls
Provocatively Pose

These ‘nymphets’ represent pre-pubescent children.
The first few chapters reveal his disturbing fancy,
shown when he pretends to read in children’s
playgrounds, but actually looks at the young
girls and imagines possessing them.

Nabokov &
The Nymphet

Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel Lolita has remained a popular and
critically acclaimed novel. In part it’s his eloquent prose
and his enchanting description of the ‘nymphet’ Lolita.

But it also stirs something deeper in us. The ‘shocking’
realization that a pre-pubescent girl can stir sexual
feelings in us.

It’s one of great taboos, yet always present and unspoken.
Nabokov’s novel allows us sympathise with Humbert’s
obsessive desire for a young girl.

Teenage Rat Race

The sexual rat race has become normalised for teenage
girls. It’s no longer the domain of the precocious few.

Teens connect and prove themselves on social media.
It has become a vast popularity contest where those
with the most ‘likes’ win.

What kind of photos produce an epidemic of ‘likes’?
Nothing with too much creativity but hip, titty and kiss.
Although this display of sexuality does not necessarily
equate with behaviour, it does result in a game of one-upmanship.

How confident can you appear at being lascivious?
How credible is your air of lewdness?

Faking such confidence in an area that few actually
have much experience in leaves little room for the
vulnerability and fear that so often lurks behind
the facade of teen sexuality.

Of course there is curiosity, but for many there is also
a sense of being completely uncertain and feeling pressured
to step up or risk being ejected from their social circle.

“It’s this pseudo-maturity in teen girls.
To many men they come across as 18 even
though they are only 12 or 13.

The girls don’t look beyond the immediate effect.
They don’t have the capacity to understand what
that means. That they’re provoking sexual desire in men.”

i cant take my eyes off her luscious lips

& Desire

Quarrels over tank tops, skimpy shorts and slip dresses are still fresh in the mother’s mind as she contemplates shopping with her teenage daughter

“That’s the next big chore. We’ll have some frustrating moments. What’s in style isn’t always what’s most modest.”

These days, what’s fashionable for the young closely resembles what adults wear, fueling an adolescent’s desire to seem grown-up while creating headaches for parents.

The provocative, sophisticated styles have left mothers and fathers grappling with questions they never thought they’d have to ask: At what age should a girl be allowed to wear a skirt with a slit?

Delicious Teen


How low should the waistline of a boy’s pants be allowed to go? And is it ever appropriate for a girl to leave the house in a camisole top?

Parents are counting on dress codes or uniforms required at many public and private schools to make decisions easier this fall. But there’s nothing like a restriction against something to foster a youngster’s desire for it.

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