Teenage Girl Aroused

When a teenage girl is sexually aroused,
blood flow to the genitals, lubrication,
and breathing rate increase, the vagina
elongates, and the clitoris and labia swell.

As pleasure builds up, some orgasm,
most don’t. Shortly after climaxing,
the genitals return to their unengorged state.

If there is no orgasm, it takes longer for
the physical signs of arousal to subside.

Considering your clitoris is swollen,
or engorged, for an extended period of time,
it’s possible you’re experiencing discomfort
from the lack of release you get with orgasm.

Orgasm allows your body and clitoris to go
back to their unaroused states, the throbbing
usually subsiding more quickly after orgasm.

Conversely, without orgasm, all
this takes place more slowly.

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Teens & Oral Sex

Shock! Horror! The US media have discovered
that blow jobs are the new goodnight kiss!

All across the country, teenagers are
giving head and having sex parties!

It’s not just the Catholic high schoolers
who are having anal sex in to maintain
their chastity we need to pray for.

It’s every single pubescent teen who’s figured
out you can have sex using just your mouth!

Another attempt designed to scare the crap
out of parents by declaring a new trend
which is taking our nation’s youth on a
downward spiral toward hell.

Teens having oral sex is new? Come on!

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Lesbian Tongue Techniques

Would You Fuck a Sex Doll?

Part of the sexual appeal of synthetic dolls is how
much they look like their organic counterparts.

If you have a robot shaped like
a refrigerator,it won’t have as
much draw as a robot in the
shape of a human.

People will be more willing to
interact with the human-shaped one.

If that humanoid robot has artificial skin
and sounds like a human, most people dealing
with it are more than likely to even have
a moment where they forget it’s a robot.

my sex doll

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