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Pleased to find a story on this site about another Christian female who was addicted to sex

Sex became an addiction to me when I was only a teenager. I became promiscuous at a very early age. My father was always too busy for me and he and my mother were divorced when I was six.

While they were married, my bed was always in their bedroom with them due to the fact that we were poor and didn’t have enough money for a 3 bedroom house and I had two older sisters. I don’t remember ever seeing them have sex, but I must have at some point.

As a young teenager, I was approached by other girls older than I to have sex with them out of curiosity and I did. I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t admit it.

Because of rejection of love from both parents I turned to boys to find love, and my sexual addiction only escalated from there.

I always had sex with almost every boyfriend I had from the time I was 15 on. I have no idea how I didn’t get pregnant – surely it must have been the grace of God. I always fell in love with each boy but they always dumped me after they got the sex that they wanted.

My first husband was a Christian who was brought up in a very strict Christian home, but was addicted to pornography. After we got married I caught him masturbating in the bathroom.

He confessed that he did it daily over any female he had encountered that day. One time he put a porno magazine over my back while we had sex.

I knew that was the last straw. Even though I had been promiscuous, I never knew that a woman could masturbate and I thought it violated my relationship with my husband.

I left him and dated a guy in my twenties who taught me about masturbation, toys, pornography, having sex with multiple partners, etc. I dated him for two years.

I was saved as a teenager but because of my addiction to sex, my relationship with God has always been hindered, sometimes to an almost non-existent poin.t

During the time I dated this man (who was 8 years older than I), I encountered bisexual relationships and learned that I had a very strong appetite for sex, whether it be with a man or a woman.

I put God on the shelf because I felt that God would rather I be hot or cold and if I were lukewarm He would spew me out of his mouth.

I can’t play games with God. I’m sure I need deliverance, but I don’t know if I can give up my lusts just yet. I need help! Please pray for me and the other women who also suffer from this addiction.

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