Object of Desire

Teenage Sexual Excitement

Close Your
Eyes & Imagine

How to Write Erotic Fiction

The erotic parts were a struggle to write at first.

They each submitted anonymous versions of the book’s
first sex scene, an approach they later described as
“you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”.

With time, they lost their inhibitions about writing,
or talking, about sex, but they remained cautious about
how they labelled these scenes as email attachments
in case their teenage children got nosy.

“Washing Machine Instructions” was a good one,
“because we knew no fifteen-year-old would
open the document.”

They’re proud of the risks they ended up taking.
Their heroine masturbates early in the novel,
often a no-no in traditional romance.

They included a controversial scene in which
she has sex with her love interest in a cave
above her father’s skeleton.

What to call the heroine was the final decision.
To tease and tantalise potential readers the
first name had to be Alice teenage enticement].
And Sprawls would be the surname.

Alice in Overland is an erotic fantasy
novel intended for adults who want to
find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Hussy by Nature

A brazen or immoral woman.
A shameless or promiscuous woman
A mischievous, impudent, or ill-behaved girl.

1. trollop, slut. 2. baggage, minx.

Maria expresses her personality and sexuality
through her style. The dangling pearl earrings
represent her adaptability towards trying new things.

Her tilted beret shows that she’s open to being left of
centre from time to time, while her pout proves she’s
carried out sexual acts with a variety of fresh water fish.

She’s rarely not horny. Maria craves it.
She exudes it.She’s horniness personified.

She’s used to hearing remarks about her sexual appetite,
in her 30s with the sexual energy of a randy teenager.

from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

She’s Wet down There

You’re deep into the heavy-petting stage of foreplay
when your partner slides his/her [you choose] hand
down your body and into your pants.

As they push your underwear aside, they say,
“Oh my god, you’re so wet.”

But what they’re really saying is,
“Wow babe. Your Bartholin’s glands
are working extra hard today.”

When you’re feeling particularly sexy,
those glands secrete fluid to lubricate
the opening of your vagina.

This makes it easier for a penis,
sex toy, fingers, or anything else
you’re using to slide in and out easily.

Matters for Girls

more to come

Masturbation is my favorite form of self-care.
It’s so many things — a way for me to connect
to myself, a reminder that my pleasure isn’t
someone else’s responsibility, a way to
grow accustomed to my sexual body.

As a teenager, I felt this was something
I had to be ashamed of. I remember having
enormous guilt for something that should’ve
been a celebrated aspect of my personhood.

When I told close female friends I masturbated,
expecting solidarity, there was clear judgment.

None of them had masturbated or at least,
none of them would admit to it. I felt as if
I was sexually deviant or obsessive.

Meanwhile, boys were always talking or joking
about masturbation. Television sitcoms often
featured a disgruntled mom finding her preteen
son’s crusty socks and realizing that he was
jerking off into them. I’ve never sseen female
masturbation displayed.

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