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Encourage Teenage Sex


There’s a plan to hand out free contraceptives at schools across
the country, in the hope of reducing the number of teenage
pregnancies and halting the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Children are going to have sexual intercourse anyway, so they may as
well have it with the full guidance and support of the State, including
the equipment they need to defeat the natural purpose of sex.

Young Tease from Joe Wehner on Vimeo.

Teens have no problem assessing information about sex, yet
pregnancy and STI rates remain high. Conservatives would
approach the problem by trying to instil abstinence.

Sex isn’t like that. It’s a fundamental drive which
creates frustration and discontent if unreleased.

The current sexuality education curriculum is highly
moralistic and fear-based as it only preaches abstinence.

Teenagers want to be taught how to use contraceptives,
including condoms, oral pills and injectables, as part
of sexuality education in school and at home.

Because they’re already sexually active, they want
to know where to get these products to protect
themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and
prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Criminalizing sex with teenage girls is
a deviation from cultural norms which
were considered acceptable in the past.

Prohibiting sexual contact with
teenagers is a cultural aberration.

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