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Cabaret of Sex

Strut & Pose

Champagne, exquisite showgirls, a suave oh-so-French MC,
simply extraordinary aerialists, gorgeous costumes,
sensual dance moves, comedy, risqué banter, sequins,
feathers, barely-there lingerie.

I could go on but the capacity crowd was in raptures.
Their hooting and clapping was loud and long enough
to convince me this would be the runaway hit of the year.

Some burlesque shows labour the point but
Blanc de Blanc took itself anything but seriously.

Anaconda Butt

The whole show was a tightly run example of how
to stage a variety cabaret. Musical cues spot on time,
sound effects to the second, performers working
immaculately in their short brilliant showcases.

This show is risqué but such fun. If you are offended
by displays of nubile flesh do not go. Otherwise feel
as if you are a guest at the Moulin Rouge.

Sex Code

Sex Code from Exey Panteleev on Vimeo.

What a Fucking View!

Flash Erotica

Russian Beauty from FCPproduction on Vimeo.

The Cabaret of Sex

To have an orgasm you need to let yourself go.
Clear your mind. Don’t try to control your body.

You can’t worry about how you look when you climax.
Or what sounds come out of your mouth or body.

Don’t worry. Sex is all about losing your inhibitions.
Let your body do whatever it wants to do. Go with the flow.

Girls feel sexual lust. Simply asserting that
comes as a shock to an awful lot of people.

We should allow girls to explain their sexuality
from their own perspectives: how they deny it,
assert it,are cut off from it, embrace it.

We need to reach a more honest
understanding of female adolescence.

Listening to and appreciating the depth of girls’
lust. It’s complex, powerful, sometimes pleasure-
seeking, sometimes scared. To understand it is revolutionary.

racy russian porn

Your ability to connect with and enjoy sexual activity
with another person should not be valued based
on whether or not you both orgasmed simultanously orgasmed.

Is she coming, he wonders. Has he come, she wonders.
If you come too soon [the man] just tell here you’ll
be back inside in a jiffy. Meanwhile, tickle her fancy.

elegant car porn

The “base” system is the dominant framework
used by American teens. It privileges vaginal
intercourse over everything else.

In the bases framework, oral sex happens before intercourse,

But it’s a stop on the way to the main event. It’s foreplay,
not sex. And it’s good but not as good as the home run.


Every traveller to Paris has heard of the Moulin Rouge,
et an alternative underground scene is rapidly emerging to challenge
its dominion and take French cabaret back in time to its belle époque roots.

Unknown to most tourists, a burlesque club on a boat is
waging war on politicians and launching a revolution
which is as much about savage satire as sparkly sex appeal.

In one act the USA that is served a slice of biting satire.
Performer Rosabelle Selavy launches herself onto the stage,
wrestling with a giant inflatable hamburger that seems to
weigh more than she does.

The act is a mockery of the America’s obesity crisis and its
‘greed-ridden’ consumer culture. Every member of the troupe
confirm they find Donald Trump fat and ‘scary’.

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