Rape Titillation Sex Dreams

The Power of Sex Fantasies

Women are discovering the power of sexual
fantasy. They’re using it to enhance the
sexual experience as well as masturbation.

While men tend to have visually driven fantasies, women
prefer to fantasize about what a man might do to them.

The top five female fantasies involve having sex
with a stranger, being worshipped in bed, being
ravaged in bed, being watched by others and
enjoying a threesome. It seems omen tend to
fantasize about being the object of desire.

sexual fantasy rape

Erotica is wonderful, but you don’t need a porn site
to feel sexy. Use your imagination. Indulging in a
bit of fantasy on your own may be even more effective
at spurring both sexual desire and arousal.

The most important thing to know about your fantasies
is that they’re rooted in your mind, not in reality.

Plenty of people have fantasies they
would never want to act out in real life.

A rape fantasy is the perfect example. A huge percentage
of women are aroused by the idea of being forced into having
sex, but virtually none of those women actually want to be
raped in real life.

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