Foreplay Sexual Satisfaction

The Sex We Play

Sex Has Use-Value. Finger Licking Good.
Tie Me Up Girls. She’s So Lubricated.

Sex Has Use-Value

Sexual pleasure has to be rationalised
in an ‘enlightened’ capitalist culture.

Compensation for dutiful
diligence [the work ethic]
Throw the dog and bitch a bone.

Sex has use-value. We’re led to believe it
furthers individual success and self-interest.
As the penis rises, so will we.

the way we play

Finger Licking Good

Crashpad Series has become the gold standard
of the queer porn genre.

Dispensing with any story line or awkward dialogue,
one scene from Crashpad featured tattooed women
sporting alternative lifestyle haircuts getting
right to business.

As the trio of short-haired women began kissing
before they’d even begun the spankings or brought
out their strap-ons—the responses from my little
focus group were already far more positive.

The variations in the performers’ body size,
their queerer, less traditionally feminine
presentations (which ranged from punk-rock
femininity to very masculine indeed) was
met with widespread approval, as was the
much more passionate and fast-paced action.

girls play

Tie Me Up Girls

Many of us, especially women, are made to feel
Guilty about our sexual desires, especially
‘dirty’ sex. ‘Nice girls don’t do that” mentality.

Bondage can be used to discharge this guilt by
providing the convenient excuse of being tied
up and thus ‘unable’ to resist. the social
restraints are removed. Freedom through bondage!

Power Play

Being tied up appeals because it increases
the suspense of sexual pleasure.

You can’t control when someone touches,
teases, licks or penetrates you.

You’re ‘forced’ to give in, handily
removing any sexual guilt.

Playing with power in the bedroom can
be extremely arousing so if you’re
normally the one who just kind of lies
there. Get up and get down to it.

Tie Me Up Girls

She’s So Lubricated

A woman’s sexual arousal starts with vaginal
lubrication. This is caused by engorgement
of the vaginal walls.

Increased blood pooling there causes moisture
to seep from the walls. These droplets collect
together and flow out of the vagina,
moistening the vulva.

The Decadent Prophet
[Engorged Vulva]

The labia majora flatten and spread apart and
the clitoris and labia minora increase in
thickness, approximately 2–6 times, causing them
to spread apart, displaying the vaginal opening.

The woman is now naturally lubricated and ‘ripe’
for penetration. No wonder a man’s thoughts
turn to fucking when he sees a woman’s pouted lips.

From Foreplay to Fuck

If her vagina feels “too tight” during sex,
either she’s not interested in sex or hasn’t
had enough warm-up time to allow her vaginal
muscles to relax enough for comfortable insertion.


You shouldn’t attempt intercourse before
she’s fully roused and her vagina has
relaxed and become well lubricated.

Most women need at least 30 minutes of foreplay.
This includes kissing, hugging, and mutual massage
for their vaginas to relax enough to allow
the penis to slide in comfortably.

That’s why leisurely, playful,
whole-body foreplay is so important.

It gives women (and men) the
warm-up time they need.

It also allows the vagina to relax, and, in most
women, produce enough natural lubrication for
comfortable intercourse. the solution to vaginal
tightness is extended foreplay. It you need
more lubrication, try a commercial lubricant.

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