Sexual Desire

The Sexual Gaze

How a boy’s gaze roams over a girl’s body can
tell you how much he’s into sex. It reflects
his underlying sexual motivation

A girl’s gaze doesn’t seem to match
her sexual thoughts as clearly.

Boys give away their sexual thoughts with their eyes.
The dilation of the pupil in response to sexual images
can reveal sexual orientation reliably in teenage boys
and in gay girls. Straight women don’t show such clear patterns.

Heterosexual boys gaze longer at pictures of females
than of males, while heterosexual girls look at
male and female images about equally.

It’s already been discovered that when young men look at images of women close to them in age, their eyes are drawn to the chest and waist-hip region. (This may not shock any woman who’s been ogled in a bar lately.)

These two regions are likely important signals, with breasts hinting at the sexual maturity of the girl and waist/hip ratio suggesting her ability to carry a child.

To test the idea, 30 adolescent men, ages 16 to 21, and an equivalent group of girls, all heterosexual, were shown pictures of clothed children, early-20s adults and adults in their late 30s or early 40s.

Young men don’t show the same ogling patterns when looking at older women or children, suggesting this sizing-up may be a signal of sexual interest.

They asked the participants to simply look at the pictures as they’d normally scan an image while a gaze-tracking device recorded where their eyes moved.

Next, the participants filled out questionnaires about their sexual personalities, covering topics from how sexually inhibited they were to how sexually compulsive, or likely to take sexual risks, they were.

By comparing the questionnaire answers with the gaze-tracking data, the researchers found that boys who reported more sexual compulsion or risk-taking gazed longer than other teenagers at the breasts and hip-waist regions of 16-year-old girl but not at those regions in girls older than themselves.

Their gaze seems to give away their higher-than-average sexual interest. The longer gazes are confined to women they find sexually interesting (based on age). It’s a high-level mental process which guides this unique gaze pattern.

A girl’s gaze patterns weren’t nearly so neat. The researchers did find that highly sexually compulsive females looked more at the bodies of the 18-year-old women than did other women, but they also looked more at the bodies of children and 40-year-old women.

It could be that the more sexually compulsive a woman is, the more she compares her body with other women’s. Either way, the women’s gaze did not appear to reveal their sexual interests; no gaze patterns were found when shown images of men.

She Gives
You The Look

Most guys give just about every teenage girl
they come across the cursory once-over,
but when that gaze is returned with a sultry,
suggestive look, let’s just say it immediately
causes a tingling sensation in the groin.

With one such subtle glance, all the built-up
stress and tension of the hunt is released.
It confirms everything that was hoped for and
gives the green light to swoop in for the kill.

It she’s young enough there’s the extra thrill
of eating the apple, tasting the forbidden.

You Know How
She Teases You

Sit across the table from your date.
Don’t sit next to him.

Because you need to be able to gaze
directly into his eyes for the entire dinner.

What you need to do is eye-fuck the shit out of him.

You want to hold his gaze with your eyes.
There’s something about not averting your
eyes from the person sitting opposite.

It makes him think you’re insanely
confident (confidence is sex, sex, sex).

Smouldering Gaze

Eye-Contact Flirting

Teenage Girls
Sexual Gaze

i cant take my eyes off her luscious lips


Her Gaze
Makes Me Melt

In these modern times, just show up in a shiny
new SUV and see the glint of desire in her eyes.

Remember the song, Sharlene have pretty car eye.

Again, I must mention the stupidity of some men
who continue to fall prey to the avarice of women.

So many times I have seen on foreign news where
men meet women in night clubs, take them back
to their hotel, where they have a good time,
only for the man to wake up later to see
his cash, credit cards, expensive jewellery
and Rolex gone. It’s laughable.

eye contact

He saw what he wanted and so did she, but he got
duped twice. Somehow this venality has taken
on epic proportions with this new generation
of young women who make it their raison d’etre
to fleece men out of their cash.

Women have always been drawn to shiny things
from the dawn of time. “Dumb jewels in their
silent kind, more than quick words do move
a woman’s mind,” wrote Shakespeare.

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