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Most people, especially younger women,
think sexual partners are supposed to reach
orgasm at the same moment, every single time!

In the real world, this just isn’t true.

The idea that simultaneous orgasm is the norm is
a myth created over the last couple of hundred
years in romantic novels and erotic stories.

When We Fuck: Should We Come Together?

Many women may not be aware of how to time their own
orgasms, or have the ability to come when they want.

Simultaneous orgasms require women
to hurry and men to hold back.

Most women usually need other forms
of arousal, like clitoral stimulation,
in addition to penetrative intercourse.

Lesbians Come Together

Lesbians Come Together

Is Her Orgasm ‘The Real Thing’?

Is She Faking It?

So you think your girl is the best thing between the sheets and you can bring her to a mind-blowing orgasm every time you indulge in a bit of nooky.

She might be faking it. Can you really tell the difference between scripted pleasure and the real deal?

Can your ego survive if the news is bad? Here are five giveaways. Remember, most women can moan and gasp like a porn star.

She Seems to Make Sense

Or put another way: “That feels good, don’t stop” a woman would say this when you are easing the knots out of her shoulders after a particularly hard day at work.

In contrast “That … ohmi … keep … don’ t … yes, there, holy …” is what she would say you ’re doing a mind numbing job between the sheets. Putting together a coherent sentence is near impossible when the waves of an orgasm are within reach.

You should also be cautious if skeptical if her moans and groans sound like the actress in the porn you watch, perfectly in time with each thrust.

Women in porn are acting. Real women do not orgasm from a pounding over and over again, that’s a fallacy we need clitoral stimulation.

She Keeps Kissing

Although we girls like some tenderness during foreplay when it comes to the seriousness of an orgasm it takes a masses of concentration and just the right position to climax during sex.

Kissing and nuzzling during foreplay? Good. Kissing and nuzzling while trying to orgasm whilst maintaining the perfect angle with your crotch? No, not ever, it’s just too distracting.

If you go to give her a snog and she whacks you away or turns her head, it’s not personal. It just means she’s focusing on crossing the finishing line.

A Pretty Expression

If you took a picture of yourself while your hand and penis are working in tandem, you’d most likely look like you ’re scared witless or about to blub, and the same goes for us girls.

The truth is that we all tend to look like we ’re contorted and in pain or just unattractive when we ’re in the heat of the moment.

During sex, you want her to be making an expression that is more akin to having a tooth pulled rather than an insipid smiling like she’s on the red carpet.

Doggy Style

A woman having an orgasm from behind is the equivalent to you having an orgasm from a woman giving you a hand job, though possible it is unlikely. It takes an incredible amount of skill.

Don’t believe her if she claims to climax in that position, especially if there isn’t a helping hand involved.

Generally, women are more likely to climax when they are on top, or from missionary using the Coital Alignment Technique, both these positions allow for plenty of clitoral stimulation as opposed to doggy.

Her Skin’s the Real Giveaway

The hardest one to fake. When a woman has an orgasm, her heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse all shoot up, she will sweat making her feel clammy all over, or at least in certain spots like the small of her back, the crook of her elbows, or behind her knee.

Her face, neck, and chest will also become red and flushed. Since even the most dedicated actress cant make her body do those if these happen pat yourself on the back they are all signs that her happy ending was real.

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