Intense Breast-Fondling

A woman’s breasts have a high number
of nerve endings around the areola and nipples.

An erotic fondling will stimulate sexual
arousal [as if you need to be told].

Not all breasts are the same but irrespective
of whether they are small and perky or a buxom
whole, they are extremely sensitive to touch.

They contain a whole lot of nerve endings especially
around the areola* and the nipples. A erotic fondling of
the breasts will contribute to healthy sexual interaction.

*the ring of pigmented skin
surrounding the nipples

Breast orgasms are a real thing. All women
are capable of having them. They’re just as
great as their clitoral and vaginal ones.

Breast orgasms feel like waves of pleasure
throughout the entire body—tingly, blissful,
incredible pulsations of energy.

They’re beautiful orgasms to have.
However, unlike a clitoral orgasm you
probably need a sexpal to bring you on.

Use your fingers to stroke her breasts gently. Remember
pressing hard doesn’t cause pleasure but pain, especially
during the period of menstruation, when the breasts are
more sensitive and harder than usual.

Remember to dole out attention to both her breasts
not neglecting one. Both need to be equally
stimulated for maximum arousal.


Press, pinch, rub, pull on and run your fingers over the
nipples and the areola, which are the most sensitive
parts of the breasts and elicits maximum pleasure.

You’ll know you’re doing it right when you can get her
to moan. Keep coming back to them. Don’t fondle them
for too long at a stretch and then get done with it.

Arousal will cause change of colour in
the nipples and contraction of the areola


This is good for when you want to massage those beauties,
stimulating them further. Use a flavoured gel and rub it on
them. Kiss her and caress her while you continue rubbing.

Then clean the remaining grease off her breasts with your tongue.

Good stimulation can actually temporarily increase the size
of the breasts. They tend to swell up and appear better
rounded, tight and hard, while the nipples become darker.

Breasts are one of the most important regions in a woman’s
body that if receives proper stimulation will increase an
urge for further sexual intimacy and contribute to orgasm
better, because they are directly connected to the clitoris.

Use all your tactics, keeping in mind their sensitivity. Make
sure not to hurt them in any way, smother them with love.

When stimulated, a woman’s nipples trigger
the same areas of the brain as her genitals.

A woman’s breasts are a sex organ.
The only male sex organ is between his legs.

Breasts are a display women develop at puberty to
attract men, making them a gender as well as sex organ.

Nipple Count from videomax on Vimeo.