Bend Over sex Doggie Style Take a Tumble

Up & Over for Deeper Penetration

The Missionary position will never be the same again

She lies back on the bed puts a pillow under her
butt, lifts her hips, and brings her legs up and back
towards her shoulders, as if you’re folding in half.

The perfect position for penetration
This move allows your partner better ease
of thrusting and deeper penetration.

Up & Over

If you’re tired of sticking to missionary and want
something that achieves the same sort of intimacy,
this position is for you.

Place your partner on her back and put
a pillow under her bottom to elevate her hips.

Then, lift her legs and place them on your shoulders.

You’re able to achieve a better rhythm and
deeper penetration with your thrusting.

Eventually, her legs may get tired.
It’s okay to lower them. After just
a few minutes of the “up and over”
position, she’ll be primed and
that much closer to achieving orgasm
than in the normal missionary position.

Girls Have S&M Fun

a little light bondage

The most commonly mentioned acts in S&M fantasies
were spanking, biting, and whipping.

Though when it comes to the level of pain,
most people reported wanting relatively mild
pain which was consensual and had controlled limits.

Pussy Girls Come

One of the most common S&M scenarios
to fantasize about was forced sex.

A majority of both men and women had these fantasies.
This is yet another scenario in which women can
“top from the bottom,” enact submissiveness
in a controlled way.

Playing with Herself

She opened up about playing with herself.

She’s all for exploring sexuality and self-pleasure
but it hadn’t been the case.

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Masturbating Girl

“In all honesty, I used to feel guilty about masturbating.
Oh, my God, this extreme guilt! And that lasted way too long.
Or maybe I masturbated too much!”

“It’s OK to look back in retrospect and be like,
it wasn’t good I felt bad about touching myself.

To all you teenage girls out there. Better to pleasure
yourself every day than experience sexual frustration.

What a Cunt!

She’s launched an initiative to reclaim the word cunt
for women, saying it had been used as part of a death
threat against her and had been maligned as a form
of abuse for too long.

Cream for Her Cunt

She repeatedly used the word at a public event,
later backing her stance after it caused an outcry

“I stand by using cunt, It’s a powerful word for
women and shouldn’t be used as abuse.

“If we get called cunt by men who are trying to intimidate us,
then the least we can do is disarm the word and claim it back.”

Ride him for Deep Penetration

deeper penetration