Can You Feel It [Lust]?

There are chemical benefits at the start
of a sexual affair. Particularly for teenagers.

lust between girls

A surge in testosterone and estrogen increase sexual
desire for another person early in a relationship.

Novelty and excitement both increase the
activity of dopamine and norepinephrine
in the brain, the neurotransmitters
associated with energy, motivation and elation.

At this same time, serotonin drops, allowing for
an increase in mood and sex drive.

This chemical cocktail is yet another benefit
you won’t find in long-term relationships.
Keep on changing!

Prejudice & Teenage Sex

It’s increasingly important to challenge one of our most
fundamental beliefs about adolescent sexual activity.

That it causes problems, especially for
young women and ought to be prevented.

It’s the failure to recognize the reality of female
sexual desire that is at the heart of the “problem.”

Girls feel sexual desire. Simply asserting that
would be revolutionary. We should allow girls
to explain their sexuality from their own
perspectives: how they deny it, assert it,
are cut off from it, embrace it.

We need to reach a more honest
understanding of female adolescence.

Listening to and appreciating the depth of girls’
desire. It’s complex, powerful, sometimes pleasure-
seeking, sometimes afraid. To understand it is revolutionary.

AONIDES from Kirill Shliamin on Vimeo.

Erotic Lust

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