Vulva Gateway to Joy

The vagina was once considered
an incredibly sacred thing, the
gateway between heaven and Earth.

The Indian Tantric culture, from 1500 years ago,
and the 1000-year-old Chinese Han dynasty
both believed our lady parts were life-giving.

If men ever wanted to reach balance and health
in their lives, they had to learn how to properly
handle that region of a woman’s body. It was
referred to as a “flowery pool” or “mysterious gate.”

Most Christians don’t realize that the fish used
today to refer to Jesus, officially called the
ichthys, originally represented the vagina.

It was an ancient symbol that showed up next to
any fertility goddess, including Atargatis,
the Syrian fertility goddess; Aphrodite,
the Greek goddess of love and sex,
and the pagan Great Mother goddess.

vulva joy

I love every part of the female body. But I’m
especially drawn to the pelvis and pelvic bone.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s one of those
things that differentiates a man from a woman.

For anthropologists, the pelvis is the best
sex-related skeletal indicator because of
distinct features adapted for childbearing.

Of course, underneath the pelvic cavity are
the sex organs and rectum. And because of this
male/female difference, woman’s pelvis is
designed to allow her to bear a child.

It also give woman that sway we love so much!

I’ve also found over the years that the pelvic
bone can be a very sensitive spot in foreplay.

Perhaps because it is so connected to the vagina,
labia and clitoris it starts the warm up.
In any case, I love it.

Stretch Clench
Arch & Fuck

If done the right way, sex can be sexercise.
After all, you’re stretching, clenching,
arching and propping.

The simplest exercise can be incorporated
into a fuck. Bend over and touch your toes?

When it comes to sexercising, the idea is the
same, but the procedure is slightly different.

In the name of the stretching sexercise,
simply bend over and put your hands on the
seat of a chair, table, whatever.

Let your partner fuck you from behind
while you keep those legs straight.

She felt him coming deep
inside her as he pressed her against
the tree in a violent, passionate coupling.

Even as he climaxed, she reached her pinnacle, holding
him inside with her convulsing vaginal muscles.

He Comes
Deep Inside Her

He Comes Deep Inside Her powered by YouPorn.

His cock is out and throbbing in his hand, a moment only
before he nudges it up against her hole and pushes roughly
in to her wet, tight cunt.

He groans inside her, enjoying the feel as she arches,
taking him deeper, wondering if either of them will
ever admit in words how much they want this and how
exquisitely blissful it always is.

He slaps her face from side to side and begins
to thrust hard into her, deep powerful thrusts
of his huge cock making her scream and writhe.

He tears into her savagely, making her
choke with his hands on her throat;
“Feel that bitch?” he growls

“Fucking feel it – feel it -” as he slams into her,
pounding her brutally, as brutally as they both need,
snarling in her ear that she take it, take it –

She shakes, her cunt twitching around him,
working him as she explodes, pulling him
down with her as he comes deep inside her,
grunting animalistic pleasure into her,
they shake in ecstasy together.

Deep Penetration

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