Vulva Gazing [Send Me Your Selfie]

Gaze at my what?
Yes, your Vuvla

There is no better way to connect fully to your body and sexual energy than to gaze directly at its source. And unlike staring at the sun, you won’t get burned but you sure as heck will get HAWT!

Your vulva is the source of your pleasure and orgasm. It is the place where the inner world meets the outer world for sexual, sensual, and creative energy.

Your Vulva is the part of your genitals that you can see on the outside. It consists of:

The pubic mound (where you may or may not have hair)

The clitoris and hood( that ‘“little” peas sized button…which is actually a 3-4 inch organ with just as much erectile tissue as penis and gets erect in much the same way on the inside of your body…but that’s another blog)

Labia Majora and Minora (the fatty tissue on the outside and the more delicate this tissue inside)

The introitus (opening of the vagina and powerhouse for pleasure and connection)

The urethra (where you pee from), and the perineum (the area between your vaginal opening and your anus)

Our favourite phrase for
the vulva: Heaven’s Gate

The Vulva-selfie is less insistent than the penis
version. Shared on dating apps or in texts, it’s
been sent to create longing and a sense of intimacy.

A missive of lust and promise to lovers,
or would-be lovers, who are separated.

Look at Your Vagina

You’re aware of its presence. You wash it frequently.
You gird it in cute cotton panties with rubber
duckies on them that you got at M&S.

Perhaps you even take a razor to it sometimes
to give it a little bit of a groom. It bleeds.

The Visible Vagina

You have to plug it up with little wads of cotton.
Sometimes you put other, more entertaining things inside it.

And yet it’s probably not something you spend undue
amounts of time thinking about. You don’t lie awake
nights, wondering if everything is okay down there.

Women don’t like looking at their vaginas. “They’re gross,”
we say. “They’re ugly.” It’s not just straight girls, either.

Lesbians who have years of experience playing with other
people’s vaginas still have aversions to getting up close
and personal with their own.

Sure, we might touch them or venture a glance here and there.
But we rarely bust out a hand mirror, get down in
the squatting position in some good lighting,
and really have a gander.


My Vagina from SHREYA DALMIA on Vimeo.

Once you get down there and have a peek, there’s
nothing disgusting about a clean vagina.

Go on, take out your mirror right now and pop down there.
What do you see? Okay, so it’s not a double rainbow.

But look closer. Really take it in. It’s just skin.
Pink, fresh, healthy skin. Maybe it’s not pink.

Maybe it’s brown, or a lovely pale lavender.
That’s fine, too. Maybe you had to push aside
some hair to see what was happening down there.

Getting to know your vagina creates self-confidence
and love to be gained by staring raptly into your
pussy’s mysterious depths.

One More Time

Venus was the goddess of love in the
ancient world. The Romans built monuments
to her on raised areas of land in order to
emulate the pubic area of the female,
thus the “mound of Venus.”


Let’s offer praise to this gateway of
pleasure and life. You might be amazed
what could begin to open when the Mound
of Venus is given love and adoration.

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