Voyeurs & Exhibitionists

Watching Girls Go to School

The days of the short skirt aren’t over.
Girls are defying the fashion experts, determined
to continue exposing their bodies and showing their legs.

Immodest dress includes any type of clothing which
tends to expose the nakedness of the body.

Transparent fabrics, plunging necklines, sweaters and blouses.
that emphasize the bust-line, and skirts which aren’t
long enough to modestly cover the knees even when sitting.

Voyeur Delight

Porn is is geared to male desires for
anonymous quick sex and visual thrills.

The first two are questionable.

But the third, visual thrills, is close to the mark.
The male pre-frontal cortex is very visual.

Males are voyeurs – hardwired ocular perverts.

Males are spatial in orientation, females more locus-directed.
And the result? Men spend a large portion of time looking at women.

Whereas women, funny as it seems, spend
most of their time looking at other women.

Do you enjoy R-rated movies with steamy sex scenes?
Most people do. There’s a little bit of voyeur in all of us.

Do you ever wear tight, form-fitting, or revealing clothing
to show off some aspect of your body? Many people do from
time to time at the beach, the gym, or socially.
There’s a little bit of exhibitionist in most of us, too.

It’s no surprise that men are more voyeuristic than women.
Voyeurs are called peeping Toms, not peeping Teresas.

The audience for porn is clearly voyeuristic, and according
to industry estimates, 80 percent of pornography is viewed
by men solo (usually with one hand busy).

The single best predictor of voyeurism
is the frequent use of porn.

Compared with the population as a whole, voyeurs
and exhibitionists are more sexually active.

They are more easily aroused, masturbate
more often, and have partner sex more frequently.

They’re more sexual in general, so they’re
apparently more interested in exploring
the fringes of sexual expression.

It’s risky to be an exhibitionist and/or voyeur.
In most places, it’s illegal.

It also invites derision, for example, the moniker
‘dirty old man’. In some places, voyeurism and
exhibitionism are not only legal, but encouraged
– at nude beaches, sex and swing clubs.

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