What Do Men Imagine When They Masturbate?

You’d be hard-pressed to find men who don’t masturbate
to Internet porn. There are young men, 25 or even 30 years
old, who have always masturbated in front of a screen.

My favourite’s reliving some of the sex I
had with a particularly lascivious female.

Apart from that, some beast of a woman
riding me to climax city and back.

Fantasy Girl 1 from Missael Ledezma on Vimeo.

Many of us may have an idea of the celebrity we most want
to get down with but it turns out that few men picture
Hollywood stars when they masturbate.

Pre-Internet, it was never celebs or super-beautiful
people but random girls in my real life—the 40-year-old
supermarket checkout clerk or a substitute teacher.

Often I really only get off from an exchange with a stranger
I find attractive. It can be as simple as a momentary
eye contact, but there has to be an exchange.

Picture This

It may be a quick visual from the day which I imagine later.
The way a skirt hugs the outline of woman’s bum and legs,
or a sweater suggests the curve of her breasts.

The way her walk has a slight jiggle or bounce suggesting
what her body might feel like. It’s often the ones who
aren’t putting on an act who I find the most intriguing,
not the ones who seem so calculatin and over-the-top.

It’s all about fantasy. I can project any
qualities I want on to an attractive woman.

Fantasy Girl 2 from Federico Maio Art on Vimeo.

Fantasy girl 3 from Federico Maio Art on Vimeo.

Do You Imagine
Her Tossing You Off?

toss (someone or oneself) off.
phrasal verb of toss
masturbate. [Get her him to climax]

I’m quite young and I’ve never tossed off a guy before.
my boyfriend and I are planning to do it quite soon but
I just don’t know how to!? Also what should I do with his cum?

1. Start by placing your hand on his shaft [I would
really recommend you take his pants off]

2. Wrap your finger around it, your thumb on the
opposite side, you can use it to add extra
stimulation as you stroke. [clip your nails short]

3. Start moving your hand up and down on his penis,
slowly, in a tight grip, but not too tight, otherwise
you’ll hurt him. Basically what you are doing is
pulling on his foreskin. You can imagine it;s like milking a cow.

4. After a few strokes, start doing some kind
of action with that thumb. When you reach the
top of the penis [the head] rub it slightly
on the pisshole. Some boys like that, some don’t.

5. Another very sensitive part is the underside
of the penis, a little piece of skin called
the frenulum, that connects the foreskin to the penis.
You can apply pressure on it during short strokes.

6. As you notice he’s getting excited, start doing
it harder and faster until he comes. It will most
likely end up on your hands or on the clothes.
If you’d like to add an erotic twist, lick it off and eat it.

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I have 5 adult children by five different women. I’ve masturbated to the thought of the best pussy I’ve had, celebrities and lately my all time favorite fantasy football of eatinging a hot clean pussy while getting fucked passionately in my ass by a huge Black cock.

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