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Smoking After Sex

If you like your face rubbed in the seedy underbelly
of after-hours psychosexual obsession in Manhattan’s
Lower East Side, then “PVT Chat” is the movie for you.

This great-looking indie knows how to conjure a gritty
New York atmosphere of cigarette smoke and ennui in the city,


Smoking after sex, or the ‘orgasm
cigarette’ has long been glamorised.

Most people who light up after climaxing aren’t
regular smokers. Rather, it’s the icing on the
cake and enhances their bedroom experience.

smoke sex

smoke sex2

In one electronic cigarette video a couple writhe
together, falling to the bed knocking off the bed
lamp. The light goes out, then a tiny light
pops on as an electronic cigarette lights up.

Smoking and sex just seem to go together.
It’s not that surprising. Smoking affects
the same part of the brain as sex and food.

When we are young, smoking seems cool and sexy.
The very fact we’re told it’s wrong and bad makes
those who use it symbolise risk and rebellion at a
time when we are chafing at the constraints.

Once you are an established smoker in a
relationship, what is nicer after sex than
to lie back on the pillow and light up?

After sex, women prefer kissing, cuddling
and talking about the relationship, while
men prefer to smoke, eat or drink.

You always hear about the post-sex glow
but that doesn’t mean it’s real.

It’s supposed to be this romantic moment, where
people are cuddled up and basking in each other
after they just had some life-shattering sex.

But how often does it actually happen?
A lot of the time, life hits immediately
after you have sex. Maybe one of you has to use
the bathroom or you just get back to whatever
you were doing, like scrolling through Instagram.

If it’s good sex, I spend the next three to six minutes
in a non-verbal daze, occasionally twitching or shuddering.

Aftershocks are still going through my body, so it’s difficult
to do anything else. More often than not, my partner spends
this time either giggling or cuddling with me.

After that, it depends on the kind of sex we just
had, once I’m able to talk and move again, I might:

Reach for the tissues

Say ‘fuck it’ and cuddle with
her while we’re still squishy.

Untie her

Hold up the vibrator, smirk and say
“Where do you think you’re going?
I’m not finished with you yet!”

Take off the blindfold

Release her handcuffs and say “That was lovely.
You may go about your business now.”

Put my hand over her mouth, lean over, and whisper
in her ear “Now be good and hold still, I want to
do that again. Are you ready?”

Pull my pants back up, smooth her skirt down,
and say “I guess we should get back to work.”

Women Need Attention after Sex

Most research on sex focuses on what leads to sex, but a number of elements of reproduction happen after sexual intercourse

These include bonding, future relationship intentions and possible continued sexual activities, sperm retention and competition, mate guarding and the possibility of fertilization.

Women were more likely than men to initiate and place greater importance on behavior linked to intimacy and bonding with both long and short-term partners.

Men, on the other hand, were more likely to engage in extrinsically rewarding tasks such as smoking, asking for a favor or behavior that increased the odds of having sex again. Men also initiate having more sex.

Many of us experience sadness and regret known as Post-coital Tristesse. PCT is a feeling of melancholy after having sexual intercourse. It’s more common in men than it is in women.

Many sufferers of PCT also feel strong anxiety for five minutes to two hours after sex. The term itself comes from the Latin post-coital and the French tristesse literally meaning sadness after sex. It is also known as depression after sex.

The reason for the sadness is thought to be due to the loss of semen and the exhaustion the body faces after intercourse.

Instead of feeling relief, the body feels weakness and exhaustion. The Latin proverb “omne animal post coital triste” goes along with PCT and means “all animals are sad after sex.”

Aristotle and many other writers and poets have written of post-coital tristesse in their work. The hormone prolactin, used in making breast milk, is also found in men and shoots sky high right after an orgasm.

It skyrockets 400% more during sex than during masturbation, leading scientists to believe that intercourse is much more satisfying than masturbation.

The prolactin levels out. You feel a lull in your emotions. It can also be an issue if you has sex with someone you don’t really care about, because of the intimate connection sex brings.

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