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The Blended Orgasm for Women

A ‘blended orgasm’ might sound like some kind
of ice-cream climax (I’d be first in line when
someone invents that) but it’s in fact a broad
name for an orgasm that’s brought on by stimulating
more than one erogenous zone at the same time.

There are two primary types of orgasm for
women: the clitoral and the G-spot orgasms.

There are many other more subtle and personal types
of orgasm. Since everyone is a little different,
you could argue there are at least as many types
of orgasm as there are women on the planet.

How to Have
a Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is a more “advanced” kind of climax, because it requires you knowing your body (or your partner knowing your body) quite well.

It’s a strange thing to consider that even now, with all our medical and scientific expertise, there is still debate and confusion over female anatomy.

Many women, for example, are unaware that their clitoris is not simply that little external bundle of nerves we know and love so much, but in fact has “legs” that extend around the vaginal opening and then inside the vagina.

There was a paper published recently that argued that the clitoris and the G-spot are not distinct organs, but part of the same complex of tissue – in short, that the G-spot was the “back” of the clitoris).

At any rate, the point is that when you start paying attention to the entire clitoris rather than just the external part, while stimulating your G-spot at the same time, the result is likely to be a far more intense orgasm than you might be used to.

What Do I Need For A Blended Orgasm?

You don’t really need anything: if you have patience and some time, then your hands or those of your partner will provide good results.

That said, the most efficient way to reach a blended orgasm is by using toys. The more aroused you are, the better and easier it will be, so make sure you take lots of time building up, spoiling yourself, teasing yourself.

Then, when you start to feel yourself getting close, apply a powerful vibe to your clitoris and another, longer vibe to your G-spot. Use lots of personal moisturizer too.

Multiply Your OrgasmsFind a rhythm, alternating between the pressure you’re applying to your clit and your G-spot, experimenting with slightly different angles and intensities. Try to apply the vibrations all over and around your clitoris, tracing its length inside yourself. Continue to tease and prolong the pleasure – the longer you delay your orgasm, the more intense it will be.

When the blended orgasm finally overwhelms you, you’ll notice the muscles contract all the way along the inside of your vagina; it’s this depth that gives the blended orgasm its intensity.

To Sum Up

Practice makes perfect, so the more you experiment and indulge your body with blended orgasms, the easier and more powerful they’ll become. Exercising your Kegels will also help to strengthen the muscles you use in this kind of orgasm, which in turn will intensify the sensations even more.

Release Your
Sexual Energy

We’re born with an enormous capacity for pleasure.
Freud theorized that babies have unfocused sexual
libidinal drives, deriving sexual pleasure from
any part of the body.

The objects and modes of sexual satisfaction are multifarious,
directed at every object that might provide pleasure.

Polymorphous perverse sexuality continues from infancy
to about the age of five, progressing through three
distinct developmental stages: oral, anal and phallic.

Freud said that we need to outgrow it, showing clearly
his attitude towards pleasure. What if we don’t have
to outgrow this immense capacity for pleasure?

What if we can free ourselves to get it back
again? And what then happens to our sex lives?

It starts with breathing. A baby breathes fully and freely, using her entire body. As she breathes, energy flows through her, without anything getting in the way. And wherever the energy flows, she can feel pleasure.

As we get older, we tighten our muscles and restrict our breathing to keep from feeling emotions that are painful. We find that physical tightening helps us “control ourselves” so that we don’t get into trouble by doing something we shouldn’t.

Children are often reprimanded for feeling too good. We’re told we’re being “too silly,” “too wild,” even “too happy.” Or we show too much interest in certain parts of our body — or someone else’s.

Then, as we grow up, with our bodies tightened, our breathing restricted, and a lot of learned embarrassment about anything sensual or sexual, our society expects us to have great sex.

The positive side of this mixed message is that sexual pleasure is a positive good to which we are all entitled. This owes much to the work of Wilhelm Reich, one of Freud’s most influential disciples who took one of Freud’s major theories more literally than Freud himself.

Freud and Reich lived in an era in which sex was considered “dirty” and “animal”. When Reich decided to investigate and encourage sexual behavior, his actions created a scandal.

‘Sex is dirty’ still exists today as an undercurrent below our more consciously held attitude that sex is desirable and positive.

Reich took to heart Freud’s early analysis that all neuroses results from blocked sexual energy. If that’s true, Reich said, let’s measure sexual energy, find out where and how it’s blocked, and free it.

He developed several methods to trace the flow of energy through the body. These included measuring galvanic skin response.

He found that energy runs vertically in the body, up the back and down the front — discovering independently what many Eastern disciplines had discovered hundreds of years earlier!

He also found that babies and young children have far more energy flowing through their bodies than adults do. As we get older, we develop blocks, places in the body where tight muscles and restricted breathing keep energy from moving.

Reich called the blocks “armor” and the process of developing them “armoring.” He found that the armor was in seven horizontal segments, which blocked the vertical flow of energy.

He began to find ways, through breath work and touch, to help people release their body armor and allow the energy to flow freely.

He would always begin by focusing on the higher segments
— face, throat and chest. He believed that the pelvis
was the energy center of the body and he didn’t want to
release that until the rest of the body was loose enough.

As the armoring is released, more and more energy is freed
to flow through the body. When the pelvis finally lets go,
someone experiencing Reichian work can feel an amazing
sense of abundance and pleasure.

At last we’re able to be as nature intended us, taking
pleasure in every breath. And the culmination of the
experience of pleasure and energy flow in full-body orgasm.

Reich placed great emphasis on what he called orgasmic potency,
which happens when a person gives up conscious control and
surrenders to the waves of energy flowing within.

Americans, he might have said, have plenty of sex, but most
of them don’t seem to be able to experience deep sensual
pleasure or embrace the oceanic feelings of orgasm.

To become fully sexual, you have to be able to give up
control. Your body must be free enough of tension to
allow intense sensations to build and flow freely.

Your mind must be willing to surrender to those sensations.

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