When a Girl Gets Excited

Her Vulva

The vulva is the name for the outside
sexual parts of a girl’s body “down there”.

The vulva includes the labia, the clitoris
and the openings for the urethra
(where pee comes out) and the vagina.

Every girl has a vulva. It is the source of
most of the sexual pleasure girls feel.

Her Labia

The word labia means “lips” in Latin.
Every girl has two sets of lips as part
of her vulva.

The outside lips are thicker folds of skin
that come together and hide the rest
of the vulva. Their medical name is
the “labia majora” which means the big lips.

They usually have pubic hair on them and
can be long or short, large or small.
There is no one right size.

When a girl gets sexually excited
(turned on or horny) they swell up
and may change colour.

Inside the outer lips is a second set of very
sensitive lips that some people think look
little wings or flower petals.

Their medical name is “labia minora”. They are
often pink in colour but they can also be
everything from brown to black.

Some girls’ inner lips stick out between
their outer lips. This is perfectly normal
and not a problem. The inner lips can
also be wrinkled or smooth.

Scream & Shout:
Copulation Calls

Having a good old scream during sex
can help women to orgasm a lot faster.

Yelling ‘Fucking Fantastic!’ acts as positive
reinforcement for the person we’re screwing.

Female copulatory vocalization serves to attract
males to the ovulating, sexually receptive female.

This promotes sperm competition, with all its
attendant benefits, both reproductive and social.’

sex with class

Increasing Excitement

Women get really turned on by the noises
their partner makes but if you’re in a
hetero couple, men make 94% less noise than women.

It seems she’s more comfortable being vulnerable
and letting a guy know what she’s feeling.

It can make the fuck a bit one sided. It’s time
men got in touch with their inner scream and
shout, not just the occasional grunt.

What Women Want to Hear

Discourse may not be the first thing on the agenda
when it comes to a enjoying a sexual encounter.

But it seems certain phrases are welcome.

Surprisingly, women rated being asked to “call him daddy”
as the top turn-on when it came to words to get them going.

In second place, was the equally bold “he tells me how tight it is”,
while in third place was “he tells me how much he’s enjoying it”.

One of the top things women don’t like about
their partners is making “too much noise”.

But both men and women enjoyed talking
dirty to each other. It just comes
down to finding the right balance.

Having a good old scream during sex
can help women to orgasm a lot faster.

We’re using our voices by way of encouragement
and as a conscious decision rather than the sex
noises flowing out of you like water in a sex fountain.

It has a sort of domino effect; the more noise
a woman makes, the more confident her partner feels,
the more noise her partner makes, the more turned
on they’re both likely to get.

Yelling ‘Fucking Fantastic!’ acts as positive
reinforcement for the person we’re screwing.

It boosts your self-esteem in bed. When that happens
you feel way more relaxed, less stressed about doing
a bad job and therefore more likely to orgasm yourself.

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