When Is a Woman in In Her Prime?

You’ve had more sexual experiences. You know yourself better.
And you’re likely to have better sex. Women tend to have their
best experiences of sex when they’re over the age of 36.
They felt sexually attractive and climax more readily

If you ask people when their sex lives were at their best,
everyone’s an optimist. Everyone believes the best sex is
still to come. Naifs believe more is out there.
Sluts know more is out there.

When we went searching for testimony about that fabled era
in a woman’s life — the female sexual prime — I came away
with stories about sexual awakenings and escalations but none
about decline. Perhaps the female sexual prime is made up.

The conventional wisdom goes something like this:
Men, who discover sex by brute force of irrepressible
boner-popping, peak sexually in their late teens.

But women don’t peak until their 30s. It’s one of those
pieces of conventional wisdom that masquerades as an
antidote to convention (older women are sexual beings too!)
but is in fact as facile as that which it purports to debunk.

When it comes to degrees of horniness, when you ask heterosexual
women about the frequency and intensity of their sexual thoughts
and fantasies, as well as their sexual habits, you find the
sexual imagination crests between the ages of 27 and 45.

These women are more willing to have sex with men they’d known
for any length of time — including one-night stands — than any
other group. Maybe the early 20s aren’t actually that slutty.

This attitude is called “reproduction expediting” — as their
fertility declined, the women sought and enacted procreative
situations more often.

In Her Prime from MarcusLopez on Vimeo.

That many of these women weren’t trying to procreate was beside
the point. Having some sort of conscious utilitarian goal is
really not a part of any evolutionary argument, if there is
an evolutionary argument for this. All you need is the sex.

The purpose of sex is, after all, whatever the hell
we want it to be. We have these pleasure mechanisms.
Sometimes we just like to activate them in various ways.
They don’t necessarily have any function other than that.

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