Sexual Excitement

The Sex I Want

I thought my sex drive was
average but now I’m out and
having the sex I’ve always
wanted I’m horny all the time.

Even if he wasn’t aware he couldn’t meet
your sexual needs, that doesn’t change
the fact you aren’t valued/fucked the
way you want to be valued/fucked.

Sometimes I’m not in the mood for sex. It happens.
Or I might just not be attracted to her.

I’m not a desperate man. I’ll take the sex
I want, not just any sex on offer.

A new generation of women are starting to challenge
monogamy. The belief that it’s harder for men than
for women is a fallacy. The opposite is the case.

Women crave novelty and variety and adventure
at least as much as men, and maybe more.

When a couple get married or live together, usually
their libidos are matched, and they have a lot of sex.

But after a year, two years, maybe three years, what
tends to happen is that the woman’s desire drops more
quickly than the man’s.

At that point the woman thinks, ‘I don’t like sex
any more.’ What what’s really happening is that she’s
having a hard time with monogamy. Women get bored
with one partner more quickly than men.

Most Wanted Woman

Most Wanted Woman from Aleksandr Kolomenskiy on Vimeo.

Women have the only entirely pleasure-seeking
organ in the human repertoire, the clitoris.

Women evolved to seek out pleasure, women
areare capable 0f multiple orgasisms.

Their biology sets them up to seek out pleasure.
The clitoris has a very important back story
about female human sex which is that our females
evolved for the purpose of adventure.

Most Wanted Girls


spank me

What I’ve
Always Wanted

What I Always Wanted from Jan Svoboda on Vimeo.

Most Wanted Sex

Who Wants More
Adventurous Sex?

If you want to explore new sexual possibilities
with your partner, you should have ground rules.

When asking for anything you do it in a conciliatory
manner and be willing to accept no for an answer.

wild and wonderful cunt

What should we say or do to get the sex we want?
In a relationship, the flame of passion that both
have in each other may run the risk of it flickering
away and then goes off.

However, you still can do something to rekindle your love life
by experimenting with different ways to have sex.

This will push the boundary of your current sexual relationship
into an uncharted territory, perhaps revealing sexual desires
or interests you may not have known of before.

Unlock The Wildness
in Your Sexual Partner

Set the Ground Rules

It helps a lot if both of you can work together to establish some ground rules before you get to propose anything new about sex.

Whatever you want to try, make sure you know how to do it in a way that will be pleasurable and safe for both of you. If you want to try anal sex for example, make sure you know the safety tips and techniques to avoid painful anal sex.

If you want to film your whole love-making act, make sure you explain clearly to your partner the rationale of doing it and how you are going to do it.

For example, you can talk about your plan to inject some fantasies to this by filming this under the scenario of a kidnapper/hostage setting, letting her imaginations run wild, to get her gradually accept your idea.

Wild One from Ruslan Gaidai on Vimeo.

The main point here is to arouse your partner’s mind and the body will follow. Going back to the example about filming the lovemaking process, people are not excited about watching their own-directed porn.

But they like it because exhibitionism and voyeurism are two of the most important types of fantasy that capture both men’s and women’s imaginations.

Let Your
Partner Take

Sometimes partners are put off or threatened by trying something new because they think it indicates something goes wrong in the relationship.

It may be you’re bored, that you are having an affair, or that you are not interested in them anymore. One way to overcome this is to give your partner control over your suggested activity or make him/her part of the process.

When you include fantasy into lovemaking, you can get her to take charge of shopping for costumes, accessories and other items.

Encourage Your Partner
to Share Their Fantasies with You

Get them to talk about their fantasies and the things that turn them on. Is it her as a cow girl or him as Batman? Is it being tied up or you doing the tying?

Most important, be non-judgmental. Exploring a fantasy is all about making us feel we’re not freaky perverts for having them.

A study by the University of Vermont shows that nearly 25% of people feel guilty about their fantasies. So, you should encourage each other to share sexual fantasies.

Brain scans of women during sexual arousal have shown that the areas of the brain that process fear, anxiety and emotion are nearly shut down.

In other words, a woman needs to be completely free of any anxiety in order to reach orgasm. If you want to have the best sex of your life, you introduce a fantasy or something new while she is deep in her comfort zone.

Women have different problems when handling their men. The most difficult object for a man to get over is jealous thoughts. Where did she get these fantasies from? Other men? Has she had more sexual experience than me?

A woman who wants to introduce sexual experimentation has this added hurdle of coping with the insecure male ego. So, go slowly. Let him come up with suggestions, then offer adaptations. Good Fucking!

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