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Why Don’t You Stay the Night?

Yoga &
Female Orgasm
Stay the Night
Vulva Girls

There’s a trend happening out there you
may not know about. It’s called “having
an orgasm in the middle of your yoga class.”

It’s one way a woman can bring herself
to orgasm without touching herself.

It helps when your teacher happens to be a “toned and
tattooed” young man with a penchant for pressing himself
gently but firmly over his female students

A woman was in lotus pose, focusing on breathing
and lifting the muscles of her pelvic floor.

She wasn’t prepared for what happened after her
instructor pressed his body against her back
and synchronized his breath with hers,
lifting her ribs as she inhaled, and pushing
down on her thighs as she exhaled.

I came before I knew it” she gushed.

Frankly feel a little torn by this yogasm revelation.
I’m all for women having tons of orgasms, but is yoga
class really the place to do it?

I don’t want to look over to the mat on my left
and see some chick quivering with ecstasy any more
than I want to see a dude blowing a load into his pants.

Petite yoga cutie gets the fuck of her life

Stay the Night


After a hookup several months ago, I asked the guy would
he mind if I slept over because it was 2:00 AM and as
a twenty-something female, I get nervous walking to the
subway and back to my apartment alone at that hour. Also,
I enjoy the post-sex cuddling and sleeping arrangement.

However, the guy seemed taken aback and awkwardly
stammered out, “well, I suppose it’d be okay”.
I felt like an idiot and was too embarrassed to ask again.

Vulva Girls

the shutters are closed

The Petals Part

The vulva is the whole female genital ‘package’ — labia, clitoris, gateway to the vagina and the opening to the urethra.

The vulva gets called lots of funny names — coochie, woo-woo, ‘down there’ — and it’s sometimes confused with the vagina.

A lot of girls are often afraid that their vulvas are deformed or that they have been stretched out, which can make them embarrassed with their body.

Petals: Journey into Self-Discovery by Nick Karras, is a collection of photographs of the vulva. Karras compares the vulva to a flower. He sees it as the most powerful part of the female anatomy.

Girls began to see a resemblance with their vulvas to a tulip or a lily, and that realization helped them feel more comfortable with themselves.

Karras said he began his project after recognizing that many women are uncomfortable with their bodies. They feel ashamed of their vulvas. He began his collection of photographs to show the beauty in the vulva that is often under-appreciated.

He’s also produced a video. It highlights negative trends that have become common including labia surgery to tighten the vulva up, emotional problems that women have with their vulva and misinformation like douching being healthy, when in reality it makes things worse.

Girls should learn that the vagina is cleaner than the mouth. Then make sure they tell their boyfriends.

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