Object of Desire

Why We Worship Women

Most men adore women. That may seem a bit like
telling you that water is wet, but it’s true.

If there is a God, men should bow down
and thank him for blessing us with such
beautiful creatures in the opposite sex.

A Woman’s Sexual Heat

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Unrated Version Video from Media Easier on Vimeo.

Of course, we usually aren’t shy about showing our gratitude: We tend to turn into slobbering piles of putty when a woman does just about anything.

It’s not always the scandalously mini miniskirt or the cleavage-baring V-neck that does it (and this is by no means a call to outlaw these wonderful things).

Instead, it’s often the little, innocuous actions and displays that have the biggest effect on men.

    Her nipples stand up, and
    she lets them show

Jennifer Aniston’s permanently erect nipples were one of the only things that made watching Friends tolerable for dutiful boyfriends across North America.

Breasts are like ice cream sundaes to men, and the mind-blowing hint of hard nipples isn’t just the cherry. It’s more like the whip cream, the chocolate sauce, the chopped nuts, the caramel sprinkles, and the cherry on top.

They’re a sneak preview of what lies beneath, and they fill our heads with delicious imagery. So take off the damn sweater, please.

    She gives us the look

Most guys give just about every girl they come across the cursory once-over, but when that gaze is returned with a sultry, suggestive look, let’s just say it immediately causes a tingling sensation “down there.”

With one such subtle glance, all the built-up stress and tension of the hunt is released. It confirms everything that was hoped for and gives the green light to swoop in for the kill. And nothing is hotter than that.

    She puts on lip gloss

Women think men love the soft, shiny lips that result from wearing lip gloss. In reality, we just love watching them put it on.

In fact, why hasn’t someone made a three-hour DVD devoted to girls applying lip balm, lipstick or anything else of that ilk?

The head slyly tilted back, the mouth just slightly agape, the eyes closed — what isn’t sexy about that image?

    She dresses down

Give any girl a platinum card and six hours in front of a mirror, and she’ll end up looking fantastic. But the real test (along with the real turn-on) is how a woman looks without designer jeans or makeup.

If a girl can look downright hot in her laidback duds, it speaks to her natural beauty and shows that she has the capacity to be low maintenance.

You can keep your Calvin Klein or Chanel diva. I’ll take the casual cutie with her hair tucked into a bun, bralessly wearing a worn-out shirt.

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