Sexual Appetite Uninhibited Sex

Women Need More Sexual Variety

2. Women Can Suffer from Sexual Boredom Just like Men

I know! This is a hard one to believe.
According to way too many experts on
relationships and female sexuality,
if a woman is feeling emotionally
connected and loved she is turned
on forever and ever! Don’t believe the hype

It’s always the men – those beasts – who need
sexual variety! Hold on to your knickers….here
it comes – this is simply not true for all women!

Women need as much sexual variety as men. Persuade your
man that the missionary position is not the only show
in town. Persuade him that you want to try the
‘woman on top’ position.

But be careful. Don’t let him think you are
too knowledgeable about various sex antics.

He’ll start to wonder where you picked up
these new tricks. A man’s sexual ego is a
very fragile thing. Poor dear. He might
start to feel you’re sexually outgrowing him.

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