Sweat & Sex

Women Who Come to Show Off

Mash-up: Irresistible Body. Women Show off. She Flaunts It
Did You Come? Looks like it.The Sweat of Sex. Knickers off Now.

Take Her. Right Here, Right Now

He really believed there was no point having intercourse
without first giving a woman an oral orgasm.

He was also good at penetrative sex,
in all sorts of positions.I got quite
used to getting pleasure.

He made me feel safe naked and excited.

My body and femininity felt natural and sacred,
something for me to enjoy with his help, not something
to be ashamed of, or something that is a gift to a man.
I didn’t feel he was using me for his own gratification.

She Shows Off

She Flaunts It


She’s Just Climaxed

Giving Head

Blow jobs have became a normal part of sex but it’s
still hard to deny the concept of licking and sucking
on someone’s genitals is a bit weird.

We pee from there. We bleed from there. Jesus, some of
us even push babies out of there. But it makes sense.

Things that would normally gross us out are rated as
less disgusting when we’re turned on.

That’s why you get carried away until you come
by that kinky porn video you found. Then you can’t
believe what you watched and feel somehow degraded.

The Sweat of Sex

Sex is exercise, and with that come sweat.
Most people expect to get sweaty during sex,
but some people can turn your bed into a
water park with their perspiration.

It’s particularly bad when a single droplet
falls into your mouth as you open your mouth to moan,
or when your partner is kissing you way too close to
your armpits and all you can focus on is whether or
not you put on enough deodorant that day.

But hey, that’s sex. The exchange of bodily fluids.

Knickers off Now


There’s something delightfully filthy about a guy so
desperate to fuck you he can’t even be bothered to
remove your knickers.

Slide them to one side and shove your cock roughly into me.
It not only shows your enthusiasm, but also implies that you
might come pretty much straight away.

get those knickers off girl

If you make me keep my knickers on I know I’m in for a fast
fuck so use me quickly because you just fucking have to,
then let me walk round for the rest of the evening with your
come dripping into the crotch of my pants.

This also works for anal sex. You don’t have to take off
all my clothes. If all you want is a quick, hard, angry
fuck, why not bend me over, slide my knickers down just
enough to provide quick access to my ass, spit on your
cock and then fuck me till you come.

Either of these methods can be immeasurably improved
with an orgasmic grunt, slap on the ass, and
instruction to ‘clean myself up’.

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