Won’t You Come Inside Me?

Does she enjoy it when he
ejaculates inside her vagina?

Better inside than on my face or belly or on the sheets.

I love my man coming inside me. Its a very lovely feeling
when he squirts out his love juice inside me.

We lie there relishing the moment until he slowly
loses his erection and loses his grip in me and
the sticky fluid slowly trying to get out of
my vagina to make a warm satisfying flow.

Won’t You
Come Inside Me?

I love my bf orgasm inside me, deep inside me.
There’s much more to it than simply cumming in me.

He is inseminating me by pumping my womb full
of his potent seed with just by birth control
preventing my impregnation.

He’s putting a part of himself deep inside me
which is mine to keep. I’ll have the satisfaction
of knowing I’m carrying it in me afterwards.

I Want Your
Seed Inside Me

“Inside My Love” written by Minnie Riperton, her husband Richard Rudolph, and Leon Ware, was the first single off the LP.

Even though some station programmers refused to play the song because they felt it was too risqué, it hit #26 on RnB and top 100 of the Pop charts in 1975.

Despite the seemingly suggestive lyrics, “You can see inside me, will you come inside me, do you wanna ride inside my love,” both Minnie and Richard declared the song was about a deeper spiritual relationship with a person and not merely a physical connection. Some critics note Leon Ware’s presence on the song, and associate it with work done on Marvin Gaye’s sexually charged I Want You.

According to Ware, when he was a young child in church, the sermon would almost be over and, “. . .the organ would play real soft . . . the vibe would be completely hypnotic.

The pastor would say, ‘Won’t you come inside the Lord,’ and people would stand up – eyes closed and arms outstretched – as if they were being guided to the pulpit.”

He maintains that if you always go with your heart, you can’t go wrong with God, spirituality and sexuality.

She Loves to Provoke Me

Wear thigh-high stockings and a skirt
with a slit up the side of one leg
when you are out on a date.

Not many women wear stockings these days.
As soon as you cross one leg over the other
and he catches sight of your suspenders he will
it almost guarantees an erection.

He’ll start projecting dirty thoughts
stripping you down and fucking you.

Keep bringing his attention to your stockings
by absently stroking your knee or your thigh.

Uncross and re-cross your legs. Stand up to go
to the ladies and pointedly hitch your skirt
back down and give him a knowing look.

The urge to rip that skirt off and see exactly
what is underneath will be overwhelming for him.
You will be in for a treat tonight…

Provocative from ProvocaTV on Vimeo.

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