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You Want to Watch Her Masturbate


Do You Want To Be Watched While Masturbating?

There are a lot of things that might turn you on. You might think you’re weird for thinking (or doing) certain things while you masturbate. Let’s be honest, everybody has weird things that turn them on.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of (as long as it’s not, you know, illegal or dangerous). Sometimes, people actually get turned on by being watched while they are masturbating. You might be one of those people, but don’t really want to admit it. It’s okay, because the girls on our boards started the conversation for you!

Enjoy being watched? Do you don’t you? “I find it really thrilling being watched!” It’s pretty normal to want to see if what turns you on turns other people on too. You don’t want to feel like your turn on is weird or bizarre.

No kink-shaming here, right?! Her question got a lot of responses from all different types of girls, so if you are curious about if other girls like to be watched while they masturbate, and why they do, you’ve come to the right place.

Some girls think that it’s exciting to be watched. “I find it thrilling and very arousing for a guy to watch me more so as I am about to get there and when I get there.”

This makes sense! You might feel ~sexy~ when somebody is watching. Other users say they like it because it makes them feel slutty.

Let’s keep in mind that being “slutty” isn’t a bad term, it can just mean you’re somebody who likes sex and isn’t embarrassed about it! Let’s try to reclaim the word slutty, shall we?

Other girls have never tried it, but liked the idea of it. If it’s something you are comfortable with, you should see what it’s like with a partner you are confident and comfortable with. Some people weren’t into it at all. “It kind of freaks me out if someone watches me masturbate!”

That’s fair! You should never do anything that makes you feel weird or uncomfortable. You might be more comfortable watching someone instead of being watched.

“I would like to watch others but I don’t think I would like to be watched.” As long as the person you are watching is comfortable with it, that’s fine!

It can also depend on who is watching you. Shelly has had a lot of experience, and shared her story with us:

“I have been watched by a guy, which gave me complex emotions, swirling around in my brain were ego and shame of various kinds, it made me feel slutty for sure. I have been watched by a girl, it was pleasant, she is a friend not a romantic interest, she touched my shoulder, it was relaxing and sweet.

But I bet every situation is different based on the context of your relationship with that person.” You might feel more comfortable having a specific person watch you, which is totally reasonable.

Masturbating in front of somebody is a super vulnerable situation, and you want to be sure you are 100 percent fine with someone watching you!

The main takeaway here is this: you should only do things you are comfortable with, and it’s okay to want to do things that some people might find weird.

As long as you are being safe and having fun, that’s all that matters! so, yes, it’s normal to want to be watched while masturbating. You do you, girl!

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