Blabla Land

Instant Digital Sensation

Suar Blabla of world fame with her heavy wigs
and giant sunglasses looks either simperingly
doll-like or ghoulish, without a trace of spontaneity.

Blabla’s fans are marooned in a global technocracy
of fancy gadgets but emotional poverty.

The line between public and private has been blurred.
Reality TV shows multiply, mobile conversations blare
everywhere; secrets are heedlessly blabbed on me-media.
As Blabla constantly updates us on the state of her cunt.

Raven Hair

Strike a Pose

Elizabeth Taylor, she of the violet eyes
and raven hair, the child actress who
blossomed into the most beautiful woman in the world.

A latex dress. A man’s suit. A thick coat of red lipstick.
In “PRIVATE: Wear a mask when you talk to me” and
“Private Song,” the choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis
explores the idea of gender with surfaces in mind.

If you want to transform into another look
— male or female — simply wipe yourself
clean and start over. Then, always, strike a pose.

In “Wear a mask,” her solo performance,
audience members took their seats while
she touched up her makeup.
Grace Jones’s “I’ve Seen That Face Before” played.

Ms. Bachzetsis, looking a little like
Amy Winehouse with cat-wing eyeliner and
bouffant raven hair doesn’t play subtle.

Teen Sex Selfies

A 14-year-old girl who sent an explicit
photograph of herself to a boy she liked
has been charged by authorities in Minnesota with
distributing child pornography.

The teenager known only as “Jane Doe” sent
the picture via the Snapchat messaging site.

The boy then showed it and shared it with
his friends without her permission. They have
also been charged under Minnesota’s pornography law.

Everyone’s Doing It

Eighty-eight percent of adults in the US have sexted
and shared or received sexually suggestive images.

There are increasing efforts to reframe sexting
as a form of positive relationship behavior
and an aspect of modern courtship.

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