Young Women Say No to Bad Sex

Women Should Say No to Bad Sex


She Demands Better Sex

A recent university study called “Scripting sexual passivity: A gender role perspective” concluded that gender role conformity indirectly depresses sexual satisfaction for women but not men.

The primary reason was that traditional gender-based sexual roles dictate sexual passivity for women but sexual agency for men. These gender roles people are acted out from childhood and continue through adulthood and into the bedroom.

None of this is the man’s fault. It’s the stereotypical role that women play and accept in sex as a result of societal and political values that’s to blame.

The outcome of masculine dominance in politics and society is that women don’t have the tools, the language or the confidence to become active participants in sex.

Not only does patriarchy reign supreme in the bedroom, but women are allowing it.

Too often I hear stories about my female friends accepting undesirable sex until the guy reaches climax. Either she is bored, uncomfortable, or just isn’t into the sex.

Instead of saying that she is bored, uncomfortable, or just not into the sex, she sits back and waits. At this point, the sex has shifted into a submissive acceptance of the patriarchal dominance in the bedroom.

Sure, awkward sex occasionally happens to those young, trying-to-figure-it-all-out 20-something women. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Women are are tired of being told they’re just a shell to make babies or a malleable toy intended for male pleasure. How about shifting the dialogue towards mutually beneficial intercourse?

Why can’t women say no to bad sex? Women can say no to laws that treat them like animals. They can say no to pro-life activists.

They can say no to a guy trying to buy them a drink. And they can say no to that second piece of cake. Yet women can’t say no to bad sex.

It is about time that women become active participants in the bedroom. Women need to speak up and tell their partner how they like it, or don’t. Sexual partners need to have an open dialogue so they can enjoy super hot sex together.

The current paradigm isn’t working, but until women shift their passive acceptance into active participation, patriarchy will remain the default position between the sheets.

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