Sex Drive Sexual Experience

There’s More to Sex Than PIV

Consider why you put PIV [penis in vagina] way
up there in the clouds, lording over the other
types of sex you’ve already had with your partner.

You may find that you have your own set of
values and reasons why you’re prioritizing it.

But perhaps the only reason it’s so exalted
are messages absorbed from a sex-negative culture.

If that’s the case, it may be time to scrap them.
There are others ways to achieve sexual pleasure.

The vast majority of women need something extra to get them off.

Most of the time that means direct clitoral stimulation from hands,
a tongue, vibrator or other methods ans devices

Sex includes a bunch of different acts, not just PIV.
Sex can also include oral sex, manual sex, anal sex,
mutual masturbation, and swinging from the chandeliers.

Legalise ‘Happy
Ending’ Massages

If prostitution were legalized and reasonably
regulated, most people would rather deal with
a legitimate licensed prostitute than have to
deal with pimps and potential sex slaves.

I suggest we license masseurs to give genital massages,
if the masseur and the client both agree to it.

We let someone get naked and have every other part
of their body touched and rubbed by a massage therapist.
We should take the next step and allow massage masturbation.

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