Object of Desire

Visual: I’ve Got a Crush on You

The Crush

A burning desire to be with someone
you find very attractive and sensual.
You’re overwhelmed with passionate feelings.
Crushes are whirlwinds. Enjoy them while they last.

A Girl's Desire from VM Production on Vimeo.

Teenage Plaything

You’re a Married Man with
A Crush On Someone Else

It’s almost inevitable you’ll be attracted to someone else
while married, even if you love your partner and have no
desire to cheat on them.

While they can take up space in your head rent-free and invade
your mid-meeting fantasies, you don’t necessarily have to
worry about them disrupting your real life.

And you’re not alone. 70 percent of them said they’d had a
crush (defined as sexual or romantic feelings on which they
choose not to act) on someone who wasn’t their husband or
long-term partner.

Crushes can be innocent until they’re not. So it’s important
to know the signs when one starts to invade your world a bit too much.

It doesn’t seem to increase the chances crushers will cheat
on a partner. In fact, crushes sometimes reminded participants
what they appreciate about their primary partners.

Women with crushes tended to feel more sexually charged than
they usually did, which spiced things up when those feelings
spilled into their primary relationships.

That rush is one reason crushes will always exist. They make you
feel good, A crush can cause surges in adrenaline as well as
dopamine, the neurotransmitter in control of your brain’s
pleasure center. In short, crushes inject excitement into
lives that feel dull and stagnant.

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