I Love Vulvas [Makes a Great T-Shirt]

Her Vulva:
Can I Kiss
Your Lips?

Ben Wa balls, are marble-sized, also known
as orgasm balls,Venus balls or Geisha balls

They’re usually hollow, contain a small weight to help them roll round
They’re used for sexual stimulation by insertion into the vagina.

My Instagram feed is bursting with body-positive
accounts such as Club Clitoris and Vagina Cult,
which celebrate female genitalia and encouraging
me to buy “Eat Pussy, it’s Vegan!” t-shirts.


While many people use “vagina” to refer to the whole
below-the-belt area, inside and out, the term refers
specifically to the muscular canal connecting the cervix
(aka the lower part of the uterus) to the outside of the body.

All the external parts of your reproductive
system are properly called the vulva.

The vulva includes:

Labia majora: The fleshy, hair-covered outer folds.

Labia minora: The inner lips, which cover the vaginal opening.
These can be very small, or they can extend beyond the labia majora.
It’s also common for one lip to be longer than the other.

Clitoris: The nerve-rich nub at the top of the vulva,
crucial to orgasm and sexual pleasure.

I love having an empowered, weaponised vagina!
I love having something in my pants that genuinely
strikes fear into the hearts of some.

And I love seeing what other women’s vulvas actually
look like, with their diverse colours and their hair
and their full, non-symmetrical lips and their clits
of varying sizes. It’s beautiful.

We must stand up for our cunts. As Everyday Feminism puts it, 
“vaginas are the objects of a cultural hate-fest”

We’re taught from very early on that vaginas are dirty, ugly,
offensive, passive, gross, odorous, and most importantly,
for the pleasure of our (presumed) male partners.

The mind boggles at how utterly illogical and incongruous
these properties are. Your vagina is disgusting! It smells
like fish! Ew! Why are your lips hanging out?

Is that BLOOD?! Gross! But simultaneously: I’m going to
derive pleasure from putting my penis inside the very
thing I’m telling you is repulsive.

So you’d better make sure it’s clean and shaved and
wet for me! And if I say no? YOU’RE A CUNT!

To say that you are disgusted by the vagina is to say
you’re disgusted by the woman. The vagina, in all its
fleshy, messy, sensual glory, becomes a proxy for
female power and independence.

There are those who are frightened by this. I view the
pressuring of women into labiaplasty (the monetised,
Western equivalent of female genital mutilation)
because their vulvas don’t fit into a particular
aesthetic as analogous to the silencing of women
who speak up when their reproductive rights are threatened.

In both cases, women are being told that they do not
fit the mould set for them by the patriarchy, and
they must change, or face the consequences.

The vagina is what experts call a potential space,
which means it’s not open all the time.

The walls are collapsed on each other. You’re not
walking around with a gaping hole in your body.

Yet it can also stretch and widen during sex or
childbirth to accommodate fingers, toys, a penis
and even a 10-pound (or bigger) baby.

I Love Her
Moist Pink

Give ourselves the absolute pleasure of reveling
in a word like pussy. Pussy is fun. Pussy is
squishy and plump and plush and wet.

Pussy is a word ideally said with moist lips as
you purse them for that initial “p” then linger
for a moment in the hiss of those S’s.

soft pink flesh

Pussy is a beautiful word for every reason I used
to be afraid of it. It’s not proper and private
the way “vagina” is. It has presence, it demands
attention, and it refuses to be neat.
You can’t tuck away a pussy.

Pussy doesn’t just describe what we think of as
female genitalia — it describes something unruly,
and unruly pussy is having a moment.

The phrase “wet-ass pussy” is stuck in everyone’s heads.

Fresh Air
for Pussy

beach desire

Cute Cunt

cute cunt

Perfect Pussy

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