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A Woman’s Sexual Appetite

Women Want Casual Sex. Let the Lust out.
Hobbyists & Escorts. Adult Breast Feeding

Female desire drops off much more quickly than
men’s after a couple have been together for a few years.

But if women were ‘made for monogamy’, their desire would
remain steady or even increase when in a committed relationship.

Once you strip away the social stigma that’s involved
in casual sex and take away the reality of physical
danger women say yes to casual sex just as often as men.

Yet new study indicated that women were more aroused
by strangers than turned on by situations with a friend.

Emotional intimacy is a great predecessor to sex,
but you can’t make the generalization that it’s
a requirement for all women.

The stereotype that men are usually the sexual initiators
may not be totally accurate. Primatologists have shown
female monkeys are much more sexually aggressive than males.

A speed dating experiment explains what happens when
gender norms are reversed. When women made the rounds
at a speed-dating event while the men remained seated,
their self-reported desire for the men increased.

Suddenly, women were checking as many boxes as men,
indicating that there’s something about the social
structures we have-the physical act of stepping toward
something-that changes the way we experience desire.

Hobbyists & Escorts

Hobbyist: Someone who engages in the hobby (of hiring escorts), an escort’s client. This term is favoured by hobbyists, while law enforcement usual refers to the same people as “johns”.

Escort: a companion for hire. There is often a sexual connotation. Hooker or whore are now the profession’s equivalent of nigger.

Provider: A hobbyist’s term for an erotic escort. Or sometimes other adult entertainers like massage parlor girls who provide erotic services.

Fact is, no one is on their game all the time. Every so often we all come across something we just kind of fuck up. It could be something totally new or something we’ve experienced a thousand times, it doesn’t matter. Everyone makes mistakes, no biggie.

Still, some situations can be a little awkward, weird or tragic if handled improperly. And with that in mind, let’s take a brief jaunt through some scenarios a hobbyist may one day find themselves, possibly through no fault of their own, and some potential ways to make it as painless as possible.

Adult Breastfeeding /Milk and Honey

ANR [Adult Nursing Relationship]

A woman can lactate without ever having been pregnant.

Lactation can also be induced years after a woman stops breastfeeding.

Some couples enjoy the nurturing, intimate, closeness
that sharing the woman’s milk brings to their relationship.

The majority of us are looking for a committed, monogamous

relationship in which breastfeeding is a component.

I think most of us try to relay that in our personal ads.
What we get back indicates to me that there’s a pervasive
misunderstanding out there among the men about what an ANR is.

Here’s what I would love the men out there
to consider before responding to us.

Unless we specifically say otherwise, we’re
not interested in meeting married men.

We’re not looking for men who want a single nursing
session with us just to satisfy a lifelong curiosity.

We don’t want to be asked to send photos of our breasts.
I can’t emphasize strongly enough how much we don’t want that.

We don’t want to be asked questions of an overtly sexual
nature, like whether or not we have orgasms when we nurse.

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