Admire Her Engorged Labia

Part of female sexual arousal, much like an erection
for men, is swelling of the genital tissues because
of increased blood flow to the pelvis.

The clitoris (both externally as well as
internally), the outer and inner labia,
even the mons will often get larger and
“puffy” when a woman ism sexually excited.

How much or how often that happens really depends
on the woman. Some get that roused and have that
response all the time, others less frequently
Some are still waiting for it to happen.

You may not be noticing or feeling it as much when it’s
going on, because you’re distracted while fucking.


Hanging Labia

Myth: having a lot of sex stretches the labia

Although shocking, people really believe
multiple sexual partners or lots of sex
can affect the way your labia look.

Sex should never have a long lasting physical
effect on the appearance of your vagina and the
shape and size of your labia are not affected by sex.

The vagina is designed to stretch for
childbirth – even a larger partner won’t
have an effect on the size of your vagina.

When you’re roused the tissues of the
vagina and vulva (including clitoris)
will become engorged with blood and
start to swell and may appear darker.

Inside the body the top of the vagina
will expand. The increased blood flow
will facilitate an increase in natural
lubrication. These changes aren’t long-lasting.

No part of a woman’s body is exempt from
the beauty pageant. That includes the cunt.

Thanks to porn clips showing generally hairless
women with ‘perfect’ rosebud labia, both men
and women have adopted the expectation that
this is what every cunt should look like.

In the same way our faces look different, so
do our genitals – and it’s completely natural.

“I read recently 50% of women have visible/larger
labia which made me feel a lot better.

I’d no idea that my labia were about average in
size.I’d thought I was an abnormal disgusting
freak after I saw jokes about it online.

I’m trying to learn to love and be more kind
to my body more now. I’m very insecure in
general and have very low self-confidence.”

to Walk on Her

I’ve always kept my bush. I never liked the
way my labia looked or felt without hair.

For years I felt ashamed about that,
especially in my teens and early 20s
when it seemed like everyone was totally bald.

But by honoring my hair preferences, I knew
I was a lot more confident in the bedroom.

Female Pubic
Hair Nostalgia

Exciting Vulva View

Recently, I came across an adult film from the 1970s.
I was amazed at the difference between it and modern porn.

Some things don’t change much (cheap sets, preposterously
thin plots, atrocious acting), but comparing the people
was like looking at two different species.

Then, everyone had hair, everywhere, and the sex was
by far the most genuine part of the whole show.
The couples smiled at each other and made
silly noises while copulating.

It all seemed so real. And the bush was real, too,
something soft and womanly at that gloried apex.

I find today’s ‘landing’ strip and its cousins to be
unappealing in their precision—almost compulsive,
they seem, and how prickly they must be!

Seeing a full Brazilian makes me sad.
It always looks like something is missing.

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