All Sexed Up

The Flush of Orgasm

Who Says Porn
Can’t Be Romantic?

Grab Your Vibrators, Girls

The sex flush increases circulation to certain
areas, giving you a temporary all-over glow.

Orgasms can induce flushing, which
is a sign of cutaneous blood flow.

Sweating during sex and orgasms can
also contribute to increased radiance.

I wasn’t going to let the fact I’m a single
woman without a regular sexual partner get
in the way of my orgasmic glow.

So I grabbed my vibrator and got to work.

Immediately after my solo romps which, unlike my usual
sex activity with dudes, always ended in an orgasm my
face had a nice, radiant flush to it.

There was a bit of a sweat-induced glisten, too,
which gave things a dewiness that no highlighter
has ever able to achieve.

Orgasm: Release of Tension

How do You Know You’re Having
an Orgasm? Believe me, you’ll know.

Involuntary muscle contractions begin.
Blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are at their highest.
There’s a sudden, forceful release of sexual tension.

In women, the muscles of the vagina contract.
The uterus may also undergo rhythmic contractions.

In men, rhythmic contractions of the muscles at the
base of the penis result in the ejaculation of semen.
A “sex flush” may appear, particularly the face and chest.

Always Up for Sex

She Lights My Fire

When a hot girl in a tight shirt or jeans walks down the street, it’s no surprise to see the head of every man she passes swivel with varying degrees of subtlety.

But what most women don’t realize is that far less than curve-hugging clothes is required to light our fires. There are a myriad of seemingly innocuous things females do that are infinitely more arousing than a blatant flaunting of the goods. Here are a few things a woman does that drives us crazy.

Her Nipples Stand out & She Lets it Show

Jennifer Aniston’s permanently erect nipples were one of the only things that made watching Friends tolerable for dutiful boyfriends across North America.

Breasts are like ice cream sundaes to men, and the mind-blowing hint of hard nipples isn’t just the cherry: It’s more like the whip cream, the chocolate sauce, the chopped nuts, the caramel sprinkles, and the cherry on top.

They’re a sneak preview of what lies beneath, and they fill our heads with delicious imagery. So take off the damn sweater, please.

She Gives You The Look

Most guys give just about every girl they come across the cursory once-over, but when that gaze is returned with a sultry, suggestive look, let’s just say it immediately causes a tingling sensation “down there.”

With one such subtle glance, all the built-up stress and tension of the hunt is released. It confirms everything that was hoped for and gives the green light to swoop in for the kill. And nothing is hotter than that.

She Talks Dirty

No one likes a potty mouth. In fact, it’s kind of a turnoff when a girl drops nonstop F-bombs. But when a normally prim and proper young lass loses herself in the moment and let’s something downright nasty slip from her mouth, it can crank the heat up to dizzying levels.

Playing a Lesbian

Two girls grinding on the dance floor is a lot like wrestling: Even though you know it’s all fake, you still can’t help but like it. It doesn’t take a study by Kinsey to figure out why men are blown away by this sight.

Sweaty, drunk girls groping each other, the air charged with sexual energy ?- and it’s not even happening on DVD! Inevitably, some doughhead will ruin it for everyone by trying to sneak into the middle, but can you really blame him?

A Sneak Peek at the Goods

Men are very easily visually aroused — that’s why porn is a multi-billion-dollar industry. So catching an unintended glimpse of a girl’s “unmentionables” immediately gets the hormones flowing.

Catching a peek at a lacy thong or watching the seductive trip of a dress strap as it fortuitously slips off a shoulder can do more for the libido than the raunchiest full frontal ever could.

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