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Young & Tempting

Teenagers experience hormonal and physical changes during
puberty leading to an awakening of sexual feelings.

It’s common to be amazed and sometimes
worry about new sexual feelings.

If you are a teenager, you are no stranger to the power
of hormones. Starting as early as age 7 or 8, your body
begins to produce the hormones that are responsible for the changes of puberty.

Hormones are the chemicals that cause the physical growth
and sexual development that will carry you through your
teens and into adulthood.

As these substances take hold of your body,
you’ll notice that your emotions, moods and
sexual feelings are much stronger.

Motives for Initiating Sex

There are 3 reasons why most teens initiate sex:
1) Sexual arousal causes them to seek out sex
with a partner. This occurs more for males than females.

2) Curiosity causes most boys to seek out
sexual activity. This not the case for girls.
3) Affection is the reason most girls initiate
sexual intercourse. This is not the case for most boys.

Her books, with their illicit subject matter –
murder, incest, amputation, rape – were
treated like contraband, passed down by
older girls with covert whispers
about the secrets inside.

They particularly appeal to teenage girls.
She takes the universal emotional realities
of adolescence and projects them on to an operatic stage.

The feeling of captivity, the sense that your life is
being decided for you by remote adults who have opaque
and probably nefarious purposes. The temptation of forbidden love.

Her books made make people profoundly uncomfortable.
They’re ‘hysterical’ books in that way, out of control
and female and seen as dangerous.

I don’t think we like to ponder what they tell us
about young women, about ourselves. Our sexual urges,
the realisation of the power we can hold over boys.

Flowers in the Attic sold more than 3m copies in paperback,
My Sweet Audrina topped the New York Times bestseller lists
within three days of release, and by the time of Virginia
Andrew’s death she had sold more than 24m books.

Teddy Bear Toss-off

Teenage Sex: Exploration

The behavioral sequence for sexual exploration:
holding hands, kissing, making out, feeling breasts
through clothes. Feeling breasts under clothes.

Feeling a penis through clothes, feeling a penis under
clothes or while naked, feeling a vagina through clothes,
feeling a vagina under clothes or while naked and oral sex.

Everything leads to the first [fumbling] fuck.

Take Her from Behind

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